The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. The College is modelling how our campuses can host a safe number of students and staff at any given time, strictly adhering to the latest official government guidance on COVID-19. You can find out more about Imperial's health and safety plans on the College's dedicated webpages, and more about ESE-specific guidance below.

COVID campus

The College and department have created some rules to ensure a safe working and study environment for everyone.

Who can return to campus?
Everyone is welcome to return to campus providing they follow the basic safety rules. You can access documents relating to ESE's guidance for return to campus, including these safety rules, at the ESE Return to Campus Sharepoint Site.

The site includes guidance for staff and students returning to campus, occupancy signage and risk assessments. 

If you have difficulty accessing or viewing the site, please email Simon Davis (

Policy statements

College health and safety policy statement

Departmental health and safety policy

Health and Safety in the department is of the highest importance. We expect all staff, students, contractors and visitors to share our commitment to safety by complying with our policies and procedures.

Where no Departmental policies or guidance exist we still expect our staff, students, contractors and visitors to meet the highest relevant standards and to comply with the relevant legislation.

Staff, students, contractors and visitors have legal and moral obligations to themselves and to one another.

The Department will provide, manage and maintain a work environment which is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and where risks to health are controlled.

The Department will offer training to all staff and students in safe methods of working and will foster responsible attitudes to health and safety. We undertake to continually review and develop our safety management systems.

ESE fieldwork safety

Fieldwork safety

Staff information

ESE Safety Personnel