Accidents and near misses - general information

What should I do?

All accidents and near misses must be reported within four working days to the Departmental Safety Officer using the College's form available on the Departmental safety website.

What is a near miss?

This is defined on the College safety web site as: An undesired event or condition where no injury, ill health, damage or other loss occurs.

For example:

  • Observation of unsafe conditions such as fire risks or faulty equipment.
  • Observation of unsafe acts such as non-authorised personnel entering restricted areas.
  • Falling or flying objects that do not make contact with individuals nor cause any significant property damage.
  • Waste disposed of incorrectly.
  • Failure of any equipment or associated systems that are in place to protect health and safety.
  • Failure identified by statutory testing.
  • Failure of building facilities, e.g. lift entrapments, lack of water supply, room temperature problems etc.

Accidents and near misses - specific information

Reporting accidents

Departmental contacts