In an emergency - general information

What number to call from outside or on a mobile?

24 Hour Emergency number - Tel: +44 (0)20 7589 1000
Key into a mobile phone where possible

What number to call from inside the College?

Security number - Tel: 4444

Who should you call?

Security must always be contacted in preference to dialling 999. Imperial College London has complex roadways and security will be able to meet and direct the Emergency Services.

In an emergency - specific information

Emergency contacts

Departmental contacts

In the event of fire - general information

What will I hear?

The building has a single stage fire alarm.

What should I do?

In the event of the fire alarm sounding, leave the building promptly via the nearest available exit and proceed to the designated assembly point.

In the event of fire - specific information

In the event of fire

Departmental contacts

Useful information

HSE fire and explosion guidance