PIs of research fieldwork

Supervisors of PhD students and MSc or MSci students or PDRAs undertaking fieldwork in their projects have the responsibilities of PI when it comes to filling in the FW1 form in preparation for the off site activity.

You are responsible for making sure that students are issued with appropriate briefings before taking to the field and are encouraged to engage with your research students in the preparation of risk assessments.

The PI is to complete the Risk Assessment Form FW1 and email it to the Fieldwork Officer (FO), 6 weeks before the trip. The FO or DSO may request revisions if necessary, to be completed within a two-week period. Once the FW1 has been approved by the FO, the PI is asked to cross the declaration box in Section 10 and make available copies of the form for each research student or PDRA. The PI is to retain a copy. If the PI is at Imperial and not accompanying those in the field, the PI (backup Emma Passmore, Emma Watson or JP Latham, by agreement) will act as the 24-hour Emergency Contact for their students. A copy will always be digitally retrievable from the ESE OSW Safety SharePoint site by key staff, Emma Passmore, Emma Watson or JP Latham. Ensure the 24-hour emergency contacts are identified and you have set up with your group and all read the Emergency Response Plan section. If in doubt, seek assistance from FO or the Senior Tutor for UG or PG).

The PI must make sure they are made aware of specific fitness or health issues of their students.

The PI should consult Rob Lowther r.lowther@imperial.ac.uk X47428 on whether to take a fully charged satellite telephone on the fieldtrip and how to obtain one.

If accompanying or visiting the research student field party the PI should carry at all times their off site working documents, to include:

  • FW1 (checked off at Section 10) containing Risk Assessment with key support staff contact numbers, trip itinerary, accommodation contact details, emergency services for the field area such as nearest hospital if appropriate.
  • Emergency Response Plan – always completed for high risk work – see end of main FW1.
  • Summary of Student Health/Fitness details that are of significance to the PI
  • Incident Management Card i.e. Emergency Aide Memoire
  • Emergency Carry Card