Our chapter is proud to launch the Imperial College Distinguished Lecture Series.

This program consists of a series of lectures on the most current topics in the Oil and Gas industry by some of the most respectable petroleum experts. We are aiming to set our horizon beyond the class material. The content of the lecture is highly focused on practicality, execution and a better understanding of issues such as management, strategy, entrepreneurship and more.

Sir John Grant on Stakeholder Management for Energy Companies

Sir John GrantOn Tuesday 11 February, the SPE Imperial College student chapter hosted Sir John Grant to discuss stakeholder management in energy companies, as part of the newly founded Imperial College Distinguished Lecture series.

John Grant started by highlighting the fundamental shift in the conversation between politicians and those who elect them over the last decade.

“It has never been more important for companies in the energy sector to build and maintain broad recognition that their businesses are legitimate and bring a positive contribution to countries where they work,” says Sir John Grant, Executive Vice President for Policy and Corporate Affairs at BG Group, an international energy business with operations in more than 20 countries.

John reviewed the impact of the public at large that organise and make their voices heard on unprecedented scale and at an extraordinary pace though the use of online and social media.

He then went on to evaluate the knock on effects that the Arab spring has had on operations and production performance of O&G companies as a whole; the struggles and challenges faced by governments and energy companies to build relationships between international oil companies and the local NOCs in the aim of identifying much needed resources.

 The much-awaited lecture attracted both staff and students from a range of departments within Imperial College. This talk was concluded with more than half an hour question and answer session. In particular engineering students raised questions on various aspects of fracturing within the UK, in order to understand the situation from a corporate point of view.

 The talk by Sir John Grant was the second in the Distinguished Lecture Series, with the first lecture describing the QCLNG project, given by the Deputy Head of Production Technology from BG Group.

The lecture series hopes to see other high profile speakers such as David Heslop, Managing Direction at EnQuest, talking about the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS). 

Nigel Snaith on Queensland CSG to LNG project

On 19 November 2013, we successfully hosted the first lecture of the Distinguished Lecture Series, given by Mr. Nigel Snaith, the Deputy Head of Production Technology at BG Group on Challenges Developing QCLNG Project in Australia. 

Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) will be the world’s first project to turn gas from coal seam into liquefied natural gas (LNG). As one of Australia's largest capital infrastructure projects, it involves US$20.4 billion of investment from 2010-14.

During Nigel’s enlightening lecture of this monumental project, he started by giving a detail run-through the project, from wells all the way to the LNG liquefaction facility. He then explained the self-sourcing mechanisms for coal seam gas production and application of the Langmuir isotherm in gas desorption. Finally, he concluded by highlighting the challenges and the future prospects and benefits of this project. The lecture was then followed by a very active 40 minutes Q&A session and a networking session.

Participants from 17 nationalities, speaking 15 languages participated in this event. We have received extremely positive feedback from both our members and the speaker from this event. Our speaker thoroughly enjoyed presenting to enthusiastic audience from Imperial College and appreciated the wide range of questions and discussion both during the presentation and afterwards. We are looking to maintain the high quality of event for future lectures.

We would like to thank Nigel Snaith and BG Group for their sincere endorsement of this event. The quality of presentation and depth of knowledge that was brought to our members really demonstrates the quality of BG Group as an organisation and its people.

Dominique Marion on Future trends in Reservoir management

On Wednesday 11 june, Dominique Marion from Total came to the Imperial College to give a lecture to reservoir engineers-to-be.

Dominique Marion is currently Vice-President Reservoir Evaluation and Management at Total. He was previously Corporate Reserves Manager and Reservoir Engineering Manager at the head quarter in Paris. During his career with Total, he held various international assignments in Africa, Middle East and Northern Europe.

He graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie in Nancy, France and holds a PhD in Rock Physics from Stanford University, California. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


The purpose of reservoir management is to maximize economic value of hydrocarbon fields with the implementation of production optimization techniques and recovery mechanisms that are specifically designed on a field by field basis.

Successful reservoir management relies on comprehensive analysis of reservoir behavior and production mechanisms throughout the life cycle of a field together with accurate model representation of the reservoir-well - facilities system. These are keys elements to plan and conduct successful production optimization operations.

This lecture will discuss future trends in reservoir management focusing on data acquisition, reservoir characterization and modelling techniques that are emerging within the industry to develop new fields or rejuvenate mature fields.