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MSc Petroleum Geoscience

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The MSc programme in Petroleum Geoscience is the ultimate destination for graduate geologists, prior to embarking upon a career in the oil and gas industry.

As a specially tailored course, it offers a seamless transition between the foundations set by an undergraduate degree and the demanding, fiercely competitive and highly technical nature of professional employment.

Within the United Kingdom, there are several MSc Petroleum Geoscience programmes on offer to the graduates of today. However, the programme offered by Imperial College London arguably carries with it the strongest reputation and prestige of them all.

MSc Petroleum Engineering

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The objective of the MSc curriculum is to train petroleum engineering professionals that understand the work flow concepts that are now prevailing in the oil industry and therefore are fully prepared to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

The MSc curriculum, organised around five teaching modules, is intended to give students a full understanding of:

  1. the fundamental concepts of reservoir characterisation, reservoir modelling, reservoir simulation, and field management;
  2.  the links between the various types of data; and
  3.  the processes for integrating and processing all available information.

MSc Metals & Energy Finance

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