The neotectonics and seismic hazard of Cyprus [Info sheet - Cyprus]

Ian Bastow, Rebecca Bell

Impact-generated seismic signals on Mars [Info sheet - Impact seismicity]

Gareth Collins, Ian Bastow

Earthquake hazard assessment using cosmogenic isotopes [details]

Dylan Rood, Alex Whittaker and Rebecca Bell

Simulating submarine slide tsunami inundation of the Shetland Islands [Info Sheet - Shetland]

Gareth CollinsMatt Piggott, Sue Dawson (Dundee)

Will climate change make coastal erosion rates faster?: Comparing historic and Holocene cliff retreat rates using cosmogenic isotopes with numerical models [Info Sheet - Coastal Erosion]

Dylan Rood

Assessing seismic and tsunami hazard offshore Los Angeles [Info Sheet - Offshore Los Angeles Seismic and Tsunami Hazard]

Rebecca Bell, Dylan Rood and Alex Whittaker

Investigating landscape response to active normal faulting: Improving understanding of seismic hazard in the Corinth Rift, Central Greece [Info Sheet - Landscape response to active faulting]

Rebecca Bell and Alex Whittaker

Structure and physical properties of the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand [Info Sheet - Hikarangi Subduction Zone]

Rebecca Bell, Joanna Morgan and Mike Warner

Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet under Changing Environmental Conditions [Information_Sheet]

Martin Siegert and Tina van de Flierdt (Imperial College) and international collaborators