Tectonics from topography in Central Greece: decoding the history of fault growth and landscape evolution in the Corinth Rift [Info Sheet - Corinth Rift]

Supervisors: Alex Whittaker and Rebecca Bell

Monitoring seismicity at volcanoes with geothermal prospects in Ethiopia [Info Sheet - Ethiopia‌]

Supervisors: Ian Bastow, Derek Keir (University of Southampton)

Understanding how subduction has shaped Circum-Pacific tectonics using 3D numerical models [Info Sheet - Subduction dynamics‌]

Supervisors: Prof Saskia Goes, Dr Gareth Roberts

Structure and Evolution of the African Plate from Geophysical Observations [Info Sheet - Structure and Evolution of the African Plate‌]

Supervisors: Prof Saskia Goes, Dr Gareth Roberts

Using Cosmogenic Surface Exposure Dating to Reconstruct Late-Holocene Glacier and Climate Stability to Determine Precedence for Recent Declines in Snowpack and Water Resources in the American Pacific Northwest [Info Sheet - Cosmogenic Surface Exposure

Supervisor: Dylan Rood

Fluid dynamics of magma reservoirs at mid-ocean ridges [Info Sheet]

Prof. Matthew Jackson and Dr C. Johan Lissenberg (School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Cardiff University)

Exploring terrestrial geological evidence for past glaciation and volcanism in the Thwaites Glacier catchment, Antarctica [Info sheet]

Joanne Johnson (British Antarctic Survey), Dylan Rood (Imperial College London), Brent Goehring (Tulane University), and Stephen Roberts (British Antarctic Survey)

Local earthquake analysis to reveal mud-volcano plumbing systems and slow slip mechanisms along the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand [Info sheet‌]

Rebecca BellIan Bastow

Please contact Ian Bastow for further information regarding this project. 

Validating Earthquake Hazard Models For Critical Engineered Structures Using Geologic Data And Cosmogenic Isotopes [Info sheet]

Dylan RoodJP Latham and Peter Stafford

Simulating submarine slide tsunami inundation of the Shetland Islands [Info Sheet ]

Gareth CollinsMatt Piggott, Sue Dawson (Dundee)

Will climate change make coastal erosion rates faster?: Comparing historic and Holocene cliff retreat rates using cosmogenic isotopes with numerical models [Info Sheet]

Dylan Rood