‌The department conducts research in a wide range of geophysics problems from pure Earth and Planetary Science to applied geophysics. If you are interested in one of the projects listed below please feel free to contact the associated staff.


Chemical Transport and Adsorption in Hierarchical Porous Solids [Info Sheet - Chemical Transport InFUSE]

Supervisors: Dr Ronny Pini; Professor Camille Petit, Department of Chemical Engineering; Professor Martin Blunt, Department of Earth Science and Engineering

Mineralisation Processes for CO2 Storage [Info Sheet - CO2 Mineralisation InFUSE]

Supervisors: Dr Sam Krevor; Professor Martin Trusler, Department of Chemical Engineering; Professor Mary Ryan, Department of MaterialsSteffen Berg, Shell; Sharif Ahmed, Diamond Light Source

Understanding slow slip earthquake mechanisms and seismic hazard using local earthquakes: Hikurangi margin, New Zealand [Info Sheet - SSE‌]

Supervisors: Dr Ian BastowDr Rebecca Bell (Earth Science and Engineering Department, Imperial College), Dr Bill Fry (GNS Science)

Investigating subduction plate boundary earthquake hazards using controlled-source seismic data [Info Sheet - VISIT]

Supervisors: Dr Rebecca Bell (Earth Science and Engineering Department, Imperial College), Dr Gareth Crutchley (GEOMAR), Dr Dan Bassett (GNS), Professor Christian Berndt (GEOMAR), Dr Ake Fagereng (Cardiff University)

Biomagnetic Monitoring as an Urban Air Quality Assessment [Info Sheet - Green Dust]
Supervisors: Professor Adrian Muxworthy and Dr David Green (School of Public Health, Imperial)

Testing the Core-Mantle-Boundary & Large Igneous Province Hypothesis: A Full-Vector Palaeomagnetic Study of the North Atlantic Igneous Province [Info Sheet - LIP]
Supervisors: Professor Adrian Muxworthy, Dr Morten Riishuus (Faroese Geological Survey) and Professor Conall Mac Niocaill (University of Oxford)

Understanding the Role of Low Pressure Shock Waves on the Fidelity of Magnetic Recording in Rocks and Meteorites [Info Sheet - Micromagnetic Stress]
Supervisors: Professor Adrian Muxworthy  and Professor Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh)

Determining the Magnetic Signature of Hydrocarbon-Rich Environments: A Numerical Approach [Info Sheet - Hydro]
Supervisors: Professor Adrian Muxworthy  and Professor Wyn Williams (University of Edinburgh)

Determining Ancient Field Intensities from Shock Remanent Magnetisations in Rocks and Meteorites [Info Sheet - SRM]
Supervisors: Professor Adrian Muxworthy and Professor Gareth Collins

Automated Crater Detection and Classification with Machine Learning [Info Sheet - Automated Crater Detection‌]

Supervisors: Professor Gareth CollinsDr Navjot Kukreja (Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool), Associate Professor Nicholas Warner (Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY Geneseo, USA)

Understanding how subduction has shaped Circum-Pacific tectonics using 3D numerical models [Info Sheet - Subduction dynamics‌]

Supervisors: Professor Saskia Goes and Dr Gareth Roberts

Structure and Evolution of the African Plate from Geophysical Observations [Info Sheet - Structure and Evolution of the African Plate]

Supervisors: Professor Saskia Goes and Dr Gareth Roberts

Tectonics of the North America/South America plate boundary [Info Sheet_Tectonics of the North America-South America plate boundary]

Supervisors: Professor Jenny Collier (Imperial) and Professor Tim Henstock (Southampton)

Structure and tsunamigenic potential of the Lesser Antilles accretionary prism ‌[Info Sheet - Lesser Antilles Accretionary Prism]

Supervisors: Professor Jenny Collier (Imperial) and Professor Tim Henstock (Southampton)

CASE studentship: Pore-to-core linkages and upscaling for CO2 Storage in carbonates [Info sheet: Digital Rock CO2 Storage]

Supervisor: Dr Sam Krevor

Global CO2 storage capacity: Modeling limitations of geography and injectivity [Info sheet: CO2 storage capacity]

Supervisor: Dr Sam Krevor

Multi-scale characterization of water flow in submarine hydrothermal systems [Info Sheet - Rainbow-modelling+lab]

Supervisors: Dr Michele PaulattoDr Sam Krevor, Dr Carl Jacquemyn and Professor Matthew Jackson

High resolution 3D imaging of an oceanic core complex: interaction of magma, water and faults on the mid-Atlantic ridge [Info Sheet - Rainbow_FWI]

Supervisors: Dr Michele Paulatto and Professor Joanna Morgan

Multi-parameter geophysical imaging of Santorini Volcano [Info Sheet - Santorini]

Simulating submarine slide tsunami inundation of the Shetland Islands [Info Sheet]

Supervisors: Professor Gareth CollinsProfessor Matthew Piggott, Professor Sue Dawson (Dundee)

Histories of mantle convection: Constraints from Arabia's landscape [details]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts, Dr Alex Whittaker and Dr Dylan Rood

Modeling landscape evolution through space and time [Landscape_PhD_2016]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts, Professor Matthew Piggott, Professor Gareth Collins and Dr Alex Whittaker

Continental Uplift and Erosion From Drainage Patterns: Predicting Sedimentary Flux to Passive Margins  [Info Sheet]

Supervisors: Dr Gareth Roberts and Professor Matthew Piggott

Redundancy, retiming and data flow in compiling finite-difference applications for many core architectures [Info Sheet]

Supervisors: Dr Gerard Gorman, Professor Paul Kelly and Dr Fabio Luporini

Magmatism and Continental Breakup in the South Atlantic [Info Sheet]

Supervisors: Professor Jenny Collier, dR Gareth Roberts and Dr Lidia Lonergan 

Fluid dynamics of magma reservoirs [Info sheet: Fluid dynamics of magma reservoirs‌]

Supervisors: Professor Matthew JacksonDr Pablo Salinas, Dr Haiyang Hu and Professor Jon Blundy (University of Oxford)

Modelling the Giant South Pole-Aitken basin [Info sheet: Modelling the Giant South Pole-Aitken basin]

Supervisor: Professor Gareth Collins

Meteoroid fragmentation in planetary atmospheres and the formation of crater clusters on Earth and Mars [Info sheet: Meteoroid fragmentation]

Supervisor: Professor Gareth Collins