We offer a number of PhD opportunities in the area of minerals processing. Our research focus is on the areas of froth flotation and heap leaching. Particular attention is paid to gaining an understanding of the fundamental physics of these systems and using this knowledge to build models that can improve industrial processes. We have both modelling/simulation and experimental projects on offer, many of them sponsored by major mining companies.


A Machine Learning Approach to Represent Carbonate Heterogeneities in Forward Stratigraphic Models [‌Info Sheet - Machine Learning]

Supervisor: Dr Cédric M. John

Extending the carbonate clumped isotopes paleothermometer to new mineral systems: a computer modelling approach [Info Sheet - Clumped Isotope Modelling]

Supervisor: Dr Cédric M. John

Sustainable mine waste management: a closer look at dry stacking [‌Info Sheet - Sustainable Mine Waste Management]

Supervisors: Dr Pablo Brito-Parada and Professor Jerry Heng (Department of Chemical Engineering)

Coupling Life Cycle Assessment and modelling tools to inform sustainable mineral resource management [‌Info Sheet - Life Cycle Assessment]

Supervisor: Dr Pablo Brito-Parada (Imperial), Dr Stephanie Muller (BRGM, France)

Modelling and predicting flotation froth stability [Info Sheet - Froth stability]

Supervisors: Dr Pablo Brito-Parada and Professor Stephen Neethling

Residence and mobility of metals in the alteration zones of porphyry ore systems [Info sheet]

Development of UV-fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Tool for Mineral Exploration [Info Sheet - UVFluorescence.pdf]

Simulation of charge-slurry interactions in tumbling and stirred mills [Info sheet‌]

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Neethling

The impact of mineral texture on the relationship between particle size, surface exposure and mineral liberation: A key to coarse particle flotation [Info sheet]

Supervisor: Professor Stephen Neethling