The department hosts a variety of research activities in the field of paleoclimate, many of which are linked to the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, one of Imperial College's global institutes. If you are interested in one of the projects listed below please feel free to contact the associated staff


Landscape sensitivity to past and future climate: Solving the intermittency puzzle (eligible for funding by the NERC SSCP DTP) [Info Sheet - Landscape Sensitivity]

Supervisors: Dr Alex WhittakerEarth Science & Engineering; Dr Sam Brooke (Terrabotics - industry partner); Dr Becky Bell, Earth Science & Engineering; Dr Gary Hampson, Earth Science & Engineering

Glacial history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: An isotopic geochemical and palaeomagnetic inventory of West Antarctic rock material [Info Sheet - Antarctic Palaeoclimate‌]

Supervisors: Professor Martin SiegertProfessor Tina van de FlierdtProfessor Adrian Muxworthy (Imperial College), Professor Dominic Hodgson, Dr Teal Riley (British Antarctic Survey)

Understanding Modern Biogeochemical Cycles in the context of the international GEOTRACES project – Lead, cadmium, neodymium [Info Sheet - Modern Biogeochemical Cycles, GEOTRACES Project]

Supervisors: Professor Tina van de FlierdtDr Yves Plancherel or Professor Mark Rehkämper.

The project is suitable for a student with a background in chemistry, geology or an equivalent qualification. 

A Machine Learning Approach to Represent Carbonate Heterogeneities in Forward Stratigraphic Models [Info Sheet - Machine Learning]

Supervisor: Dr Cedric M. John