A list of upcoming seminars is available in the below feed. All seminars take place in Room 2.42, Royal School of Mines (RSM) Building, Prince Consort Road from 16.00-17.00.

A forward look at the calendar is available below. Blank entries are TBC.

Seminars 2018-19
12 October 2018      
19 October 2018 (G.38)      
26 October 2018      
2 November 2018 Pak-Wing Fok Mathematical Sciences, University of Delaware A Gentle Introduction to Nonlinear Elasticity for Finite Elements
16 November 2018 Francisco Reyes Imperial College, Department of Earth Science and Engineering Quantification and Simulation in Minerals Processing via X-ray Micro-Tomography
23 November 2018 Georgios Deskos Imperial College, Department of Aeronautics The fluid dynamics of offshore wind farms: modelling, design and optimal control
30 November 2018 Luis Via & Pablo Salinas Imperial College, Department of Earth Science and Engineering IC-FERST development progress and its application to wave modelling
7 December 2018 Navjot Kukreja Imperial College, Department of Earth Science and Engineering Checkpointing – Argonne National Lab
18 January 2019 Joe Wallwork Imperial College, Department of Earth Science and Engineering Automatic Differentiation in PETSc – Argonne National Lab
25 January 2019 Nicole Beisiegel University College Dublin A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Simulation of Storm Surges
1 February 2019 Dave Robinson  UCL Nearshore propagation and inundation of tsunami into urban coastlines
8 February 2019 Golo Wimmer Imperial College, Mathematics Gusto: The Firedrake dynamical core toolkit
15 February 2019 Saurabh Chawdhary Argonne National Laboratory, USA Adaptive mesh refinement for solving complex scientific problems
22 February 2019 Liang Yang Imperial College London, Department of Earth Science and Engineering Bridging the gap between the computational fluid, solid and multibody dynamics
1 March 2019      
8 March 2019 (RSM 2.42) Ed Clark Imperial College London  Implementation of the Blockiness shape descriptor into a virtual shape library for use in simulation
8 March 2019 (RSM 2.42) Tan Yun Zhou Imperial College London Validation of FEMDEM for the mechanical response of complex shaped rigid and deformable bodies
15 March 2019 (RSM 3.01D) William Scott Imperial College London  Development of an ocean circulation model for ice shelf cavities using Firedrake
15 March 2019 (RSM 3.01D) Juliette Guilloud De Courbeville Imperial College London Investigating the potential impact of tidal lagoons on sediment dynamics
3 May 2019      
10 May 2019      
17 May 2019      
24 May 2019      
31 May 2019      
7 June 2019      
14 June 2019      
Seminars 2018-19
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