Dynamic Earth

We probe Earth's processes from core to crust, and reveal how these shape our planet's surface

We aim to understand the diverse mix of processes driving the Earth system, whether this be:

  • the tectonics and structure of the Earth's crust and lithosphere;
  • the dynamics of plates and plumes;
  • the Earth's magnetism and chemistry; or
  • how much water is stored on and within our planet.

To understand how Earth's surface processes function not only today but also in recent and deep history, we study the surface dynamics of our planet, including rock exhumation, weathering and erosion, landscape evolution, sediment transport and deposition, and the processes occurring deep underwater around continental shelves. This includes hydrothermal systems, which we analyse to see how metals are leached, transported, deposited and dispersed by fluids in the Earth's crust and at the surface – critical for understanding how and where ore deposits form.

Our research into the Earth system is widely relevant and applicable for other planets in the Solar System, and can be applied to our near neighbours: Mars and Venus (see: Exploring Space).

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