Research interests and contact details for individual members of the section are detailed in their personal web pages accessed below:


NameResearch Area
Allen, Prof. P A Sedimentary Geology
Bastow, Dr. I Geophysics
Berry, Dr. A Spectroscopy & Experimental Petrology
Collier, Dr. J S Geophysics
Collins, Dr. G Impact Cratering
Genge, Dr. M J Meteoritics and Planetary Science
Goes, Dr. S Geodynamics
Gupta, Prof. S Sedimentology
Hammond, Dr. J Geophysics
Lonergan, Dr. L Basin Analysis
Morgan, Prof. J V Geophysics
Muxworthy, Dr. A Rock Magnetism
Prytulak, Dr. J Isotope Geochemistry and Igneous Petrology
Rehkamper, Dr. M Isotope Geochemistry
Roberts, Dr. G Tectonics
Rood, Dr. D Tectonics
Sephton, Prof. M Organic Geochemistry & Meteoritics
Sutton, Dr. M Palaeontology
Van de Flierdt, Dr. T Isotope Geochemistry, Paleoceanography & Paleoclimate
Weiss, Dr. D J Environmental Geochemistry
Whittaker, Dr A. Tectonics

Wilkinson, Dr. J

Geochemistry, Mineral Deposits