We research the sustainable extraction and production of low-carbon energy, and explore energy storage and decarbonisation

We develop new and advanced methods to sustainably extract and produce low-carbon energy, and for energy storage and decarbonisation. Our research seeks to improve the sustainability and mitigate the environmental impacts of energy production.

Our pure and applied research, computational analysis, modelling and fieldwork focuses on sustainability and innovation to address global energy challenges, covering topics such as:

  • characterisation and modelling of subsurface reservoirs;
  • carbon capture and storage;
  • wind energy;
  • mobile energy storage in batteries and fuel cells;
  • large-scale subsurface energy storage;
  • geothermal energy;
  • nuclear energy; and
  • lifecycle analysis of low-carbon energy.

We work closely with the Energy Futures Lab and the Sustainable Gas Institute to provide thought leadership and advice on future low-carbon energy systems, promote energy innovation, and advance solutions for a sustainable energy future.

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