Ocean and Climate

We characterise the chemistry, circulation and flows of our oceans, and the intricacies of Earth's changing climate

Water covers some 70% of the Earth’s surface – and this water blocks satellites from peering down to image the details of the ocean floor. We use advanced remote sensing techniques to probe the crustal structure and topography of the seabed, searching for environmental and Earth system processes that may have left their mark. This may involve surveying of continental ridges or vast strings of volcanoes, for instance, complementing our work on geophysical Hazards and the Dynamic Earth.

Through our research, we:

  • map the landscape and habitats we find deep underwater;
  • study the dynamics of Earth’s plates and plumes;
  • determine oceanographic chemistry; and
  • model the circulation and properties of the ancient ocean.

We’re especially interested in how our planet’s changing climate has evolved over time, and how this significant environmental shift has shaped and affected the Earth system.

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