Petroleum Geoscience

The Petroleum Section undertakes pure and applied research in petroleum reservoir engineering, petroleum geology, and petroleum geophysics.  There is also a major cross-disciplinary activity within the group related to carbon-dioxide capture and sequestration, and to enabling a move from carbon-rich to hydrogen-rich fuels.

See our Petroleum Geoscience & Engineering Seminars.

The following groups have a close relationship with the research theme:


Details of individual research programmes supported within the section can be accessed from individual web pages using the table below. 

NameResearch Area
Blunt, Prof. M Petroleum Engineering
Bell, Dr R. Research Fellow
Cosgrove, Dr. J Structural Geology
Fraser, Prof A Petroleum Geoscience
Gringarten, Prof. A Petroleum Engineering
Hampson, Dr. G J Sedimentary Geology
Jackson, Dr. C A Seismic Interpretation & Basin Analysis
Jackson, Prof. M D Geological Fluid Mechanics
John, Dr. C D Carbonate Sedimentology
Johnson, Prof. H D Petroleum Geology
King, Prof. P R Petroleum Engineering
Krevor, Dr S. Clean Fossil Fuels
Lonergan, Dr. L Basins and Structures
Muggeridge, Dr. A J Petroleum Engineering
Vesovic, Dr. V Environmental & Petroleum Eng.
Wang, Prof. Y Reservoir Geophysics
Warner, Prof. M R Geophysics
Zimmerman, Dr. R Rock Mechanics