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AB - A systematic investigation of the influence of particle coverage on the dynamics of rising bubbles was carried out using high-speed photography and image analysis techniques to study bubble behavior in terms of changes in velocity and aspect ratio. The buoyancy force and drag force exerted on the bubbles and the effect of particles were calculated to further understand their behavior. Results show that particles attached on the bubbles strongly dampen the oscillations observed in bubble aspect ratio and decrease its velocity and acceleration. The particles also render the bubbles more spherical and slow their velocity. It was found that the overall velocity of a bubble is directly correlated to its aspect ratio and inversely correlated to its particle coverage, while the acceleration and the aspect ratio and its change are inversely correlated. Interestingly, the trend observed in the oscillation and the oscillation period of particle-laden bubbles is similar for different levels of particle coating. A drag modification factor ηp, which quantifies the drag influence of particles on bubble velocity, was identified from force analysis. A modified drag coefficient for uncoated and particle-laden bubbles was introduced, which allows, for the first time, to predict the behavior of rising bubbles in gas-liquid-particle systems.
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