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  • Journal article
    Collins GS, Melosh HJ, Ivanov BA, 2004,

    Modeling damage and deformation in impact simulations

    , METEORIT PLANET SCI, Vol: 39, Pages: 217-231, ISSN: 1086-9379
  • Journal article
    Butterworth AL, Aballain O, Chappellaz J, Sephton MAet al., 2004,

    Combined element (H and C) stable isotope ratios of methane in carbonaceous chondrites

    , MON NOT R ASTRON SOC, Vol: 347, Pages: 807-812, ISSN: 0035-8711

    We have performed the first ever combined-element stable isotopic measurements of extraterrestrial molecules. Methane from two carbonaceous chondrites, Murchison and Cold Bokkeveld, was measured for its hydrogen and carbon isotopic compositions. The combined isotopic composition of meteoritic methane reveals information about the indigenous nature of volatile aliphatic organic matter in meteorites and its probable extraterrestrial source environment. Deuterium enrichments relative to the solar nebula 4.6 Gyr ago reflect a contribution from low-temperature chemical reactions in interstellar space. Similar carbon but different hydrogen isotopic compositions for methane in the two meteorite samples probably represent comparable primary origins but varying levels of secondary processing and exchange with isotopically light hydrogen. Our high precision laboratory-obtained measurements provide valuable reference points for observational spectroscopists undertaking astronomical investigations of the stable isotopic composition of extraterrestrial methane.

  • Journal article
    Tong CH, White RS, Warner MR, 2004,

    Effects of tectonism and magmatism on crack structure in oceanic crust: A seismic anisotropy study

    , GEOLOGY, Vol: 32, Pages: 25-28, ISSN: 0091-7613
  • Book chapter
    Muxworthy A R, Williams W, 2004,

    Distribution anisotropy: the influence of magnetic interactions on the anisotropy of magnetic remanence

    , Magnetic Fabric: Methods and Applications, Editors: Martín-Hernández F, Lüneburg M, Aubourg C, Jackson M, London, Publisher: Geological Society, Pages: 37-47, ISBN: 1-86239-170-X
  • Journal article
    Pearson VK, Kearsley AT, Sephton MA, 2004,

    The in-situ detection of organic material in extraterrestrial samples

    , MICROS ANAL, Pages: 5-10, ISSN: 0958-1952
  • Book chapter
    Pierazzo E, Collins G, 2004,

    A brief introduction to hydrocode modeling of impact cratering

    , Cratering in marine environments and on ice, Editors: Dypvik, Burchell, Claeys, New York, Publisher: Springer, Pages: 323-340, ISBN: 9783540406686
  • Conference paper
    Muxworthy AR, Williams W, 2004,

    Viscous behaviour of multidomain magnetite

    , AGU Fall
  • Conference paper
    Williams W, Muxworthy AR, Ridley P, 2004,

    Magnetite morphology and micromagnetic modelling: Characteristics of magnetotactic bacteria (invited)

    , AGU Fall
  • Journal article
    Butterworth AL, Aballain A, Chappellaz J, Sephton MAet al., 2004,

    Combined element (H and C) stable isotope ratios of methane in carbonaceous chondrites

    , MON NOT R ASTRON SOC, Vol: 347, Pages: 807-812, ISSN: 0035-8711
  • Conference paper
    Graham GA, Kearsley AT, Butterworth AL, Bland PA, Burchell MJ, McPhail DS, Chater R, Grady MM, Wright IPet al., 2004,

    Extraction and microanalysis of cosmic dust captured during sample return missions: laboratory simulations

    , Kidlington, Scientific exploration, planetary protection, active experiments and dusty plasmas, 2nd world space congress/34th COSPAR scientific assembly, Houston, TX, 10 - 19 October 2002, Publisher: Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd, Pages: 2292-2298
  • Book chapter
    Sephton MA, 2004,

    Origin of Life

    , An introduction to astrobiology, Editors: Gilmour, Sephton, Cambridge, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Pages: 1-41, ISBN: 9780521837361
  • Book
    Gilmour I, Sephton MA, 2004,

    An introduction to astrobiology

    , Cambridge, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9780521837361
  • Journal article
    Sephton MA, Verchovksy AB, Wright IP, 2004,

    Carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in meteoritic organic matter; indicators of alteration processes on the parent asteroid

    , INT J ASTROBIOL, Vol: 3, Pages: 221-228, ISSN: 1473-5504
  • Journal article
    Wombacher F, Rehkämper M, 2004,

    Problems and suggestions concerning the notation of cadmium stable isotope compositions and the use of reference materials

    , GEOSTANDARDS AND GEOANALYTICAL RESEARCH, Vol: 28, Pages: 173-178, ISSN: 1639-4488
  • Book chapter
    Sephton MA, 2004,

    Compound specific isotope analysis of the organic constituents in meteorites

    , Handbook of stable isotope analytical techniques, Editors: de Groot, London, Publisher: Elsevier, Pages: 229-236, ISBN: 9780444511140
  • Book chapter
    Rehkamper M, Wombacher F, Aggarwal JK, 2004,

    Stable isotope analysis by multiple collector ICP-MS

    , Handbook of Stable Isotope Analytical Techniques, Editors: Groot P, Amsterdam, Publisher: Elsevier
  • Conference paper
    Goes S, Cammarano F, Hansen U, 2004,

    Synthetic seismic signature for thermal mantle plumes

    , 13th Annual VM Goldschmidt Conference, Publisher: PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, Pages: 401-417
  • Journal article
    Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Lee DC, Halliday ANet al., 2004,

    Ion exchange chromatography and high precision isotopic measurements of zirconium by MC-ICP-MS

    , ANALYST, Vol: 129, Pages: 32-37, ISSN: 0003-2654
  • Journal article
    Williams W, Muxworthy AR, 2004,

    Magnetostatic interaction fields in First-order-reversal-curve (FORC) diagrams (poster)

  • Journal article
    Watson JS, Pearson VK, Sephton MA, Gilmour Iet al., 2004,

    Molecular, isotopic and in-situ analytical approaches to the study of meteoritic organic material

    , International Journal of Astrobiology, Vol: 3, Pages: 107-116, ISSN: 1473-5504

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