Generally there will be two talks in the NRGE seminar each Tuesday, between 12.30 and 13.30.

We tend to have both Petroleum Engineering talk and Geoscience/Geophysics talk for the same session (sometimes the order can change). The room can change, so please check each listing.

Natural Resources Geoscience and Engineering (NRGE) seminars

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Previous NRGE Seminars


4.10.16 G38 Daisy Rood

Mohammad Alshawaf
Application of Rapid Reservoir Modelling to Diverse Stratigraphic Settings

Analysis of Viscous Crossflow in Polymer Flooding
7.10.16 G41 Bill Rossen (TU Delft) Review of Applications of Fractional-Flow Theory to Foam EOR
11.10.16 G38 Thomas Oliveira

Yulia Melnikova
Pore-scale modelling of the combined effect of physical and chemical heterogeneity on dynamics of reactive flows

Reservoir modelling using parametric surfaces and dynamically adaptive unstructured grids
17.10.16 G41 Carl Fredrik Berg (Statoil) Transport Properties and Pore Structure Descriptors
18.10.16 G38 Dawoud Al-Mahrouqi Characterization of Controlled Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates Using Streaming Potential Measurements
25.10.16 G38 Carl McDermott Characterising seaward-dipping reflectors from the volcanic margins of South America
1.11.16 G38 Ali Raeini Validation of a generalised pore-network modelling workflow
8.11.16 1.51 Kamal Singh Pore-scale imaging of two-phase fluid flow in permeable media
15.11.16 G38 Giulia Ceriotti (Politecnico di Milano) Quantification of CO2 generation in sedimentary basins through Carbonate/Clays Reactions with uncertain thermodynamic parameters
22.11.16 G38 Mosayeb Shams

Helen Lacey
Modelling two-phase flow at the pore-level within the volume-of-fluid method framework

Fault slip behaviour controlled by mineralisation potential of saturated calcite gouge
29.11.16 G38 Matthew Kirby

Robin Thomas
Uranium (VI) Mobility in an Evolving Alkaline and Saline Plume

Permeability of three-dimensional rock masses containing geomechanically-grown anisotropic fracture networks
6.12.16 G38 Hasan Nourdeen

Gaia Stucky De Quay
Impact of Invasion Percolation on Upscaling in Capillary-Controlled Darcy-scale Flow

Vertical motions from ancient buried landscapes: Constraints on Icelandic plume evolution
13.12.16 G39 Christmas lecture  
10.1.17 1.49/1.50 Anuar Hamid 1D analytical solution of polymer slug injection with viscous fingering
24.1.17 G38 Joulin Clement Thermal Coupling Within a Geomechanical Multiphase Model Framework, study of Fractured Rock Masses in the Vicinity of a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste
7.2.17 G38 Hossam Osman Does short-correlation length heterogeneity really matter?
21.2.17 G38 Katie Bell

Azeef Hassan

Mohan Smith
Analysis of the impact of heterogeneity on flow velocity and capillary trapping of CO2 in the Captain Sandstone Reservoir

Modelling the geochemical response of CO2 injection int the Captain Sandstone Reservoir of the UK  North Sea using PHREEQC

An analysis of simulated pore scale fluid flow to determine spatially correlated behaviour
7.3.17 G38 Basil Al-Shamma

Catherine Spurin
History Matching Using Hybrid Parameterisation and Optimisation Methods

An investigation of gravity fingering in saturated porous media
21.3.17 G38 Peter Clifford (BP) Waterflood Performance Outcomes Across a Set of Deep-water Turbidite Reservoirs
4.4.17 G38 Alexander Adam Mesh adaptivity and immiscible viscous fingering
18.4.17 No Seminar College Closure  
2.5.17 G35 Carl Jacquemyn

Pablo Salinas
Surface-based reservoir modeling: From geological NURBS surfaces to flow simulations on unstructured adaptive grids
16.5.17 G38 Sebastian Geiger (Heriot-Watt University) Pores, vugs, cracks, and fractures: Making sense of multi-porosity carbonate reservoirs
30.5.17 G38 Amer Alhammadi In situ wettability imaging and characterisation using X-ray micro-CT in a carbonate reservoir rock at reservoir conditions
13.6.17 G39 Robin Thomas

Adriana Paluszny
Hydraulic transmissivity of fracture networks generated through geomechanical fracture-growth simulations

Evaluating Natural Fracture Growth in Shale Caprocks during cold CO2 Injection
27.6.17 G39 Maria Gusarevich

Thomas Le Blevec
Paired clumped isotopes and radiogenic isotopes in carbonate rocks

Geostatistical Quantification and Modelling of Facies in Carbonate Reservoirs
17.10.17 G39 Afifa Tinni

Paulo Pires
Forecasting errors from history matched reservoir models

Quantitative Interpretation of Repeated Time-Lapse Seismic Data
31.10.17 G39 PGE Section Meeting  
14.11.17 G39 Sam Jackson Characterising drainage multiphase flow in heterogeneous sandstones
28.11.17 G39 Lukas Mosser

Mansour Khelifa
Reconstruction of a Ketton Limestone using Generative Adversarial Networks
12.12.17 G39 Marise Westbroek Path Integrals for Darcy Flow


1.10.15 G38 Chris Harris (Shell) Characterization of Induced Seismicity in the Groningen Gas Field Using a Novel Veresion of the Maximum Likelihood Method
2.10.15 - 9am G38 Julien Maes PhD Viva - Modelling In-Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oil Using Dimensionless Analysis and Operator Splitting Methods
6.10.15 G38 Margaret Rood

Hossam Osman
Rapid Reservoir Modelling: Geological Rules for Surface-based Modelling

Next generation reservoir simulation of complex reservoirs using control-volume-finite-element methods and unstructured, adaptive meshing
13.10.15 G38 Robin Thomas A Trip to Chernobyl
20.10.15 G38 Andres Clarens (Univ. Virginia) Evaluating the potential of fractured shales as repositories for carbon storage
27.10.15 G38 Sam Krevor Capillarity, wetting, and permeability in the CO2-brine-rock system
3.11.15 G38 God'spower Onyenanu

Simeon Agada
Characterisation and modelling of heterogeneity in thinly bedded, shallow-marine sandstone reservoirs

Wettability, Hysteresis and Fracture-Matrix Interaction during CO2 EOR and Storage in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
10.11.15 G38 Chin-Fu Tsang (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Hydrogeological Testing During Drilling: Applications of FFEC Logging Method to Drilling of a Deep Borehole in Sweden
17.11.15 G38 Joao Nunes  
24.11.15 G38 Joao Nunes

Cat Reynolds
The impact of the flow field heterogeneity and of the injection rate on the pore-scale reaction rates in carbonates

Connection and disconnection events - observations of dynamic connectivity during two-phase flow
01.12.15 G38 Al Fraser  
08.12.15 G38 Maartje Boon

Saeed Salimzadeh
Observations of 3D Transverse Dispersion in Natural Consolidated Rock

Fully Coupled 3D Finite Element Model of Hydraulic Fracturing in a Permeable Rock Formation
15.12.15 G38 Olivier Dubrule Geostatistical approaches for quantifying facies relationships
12.01.16 G38 Hasan Nourdeen

Thomas Oliveira
Analytical and Numerical Investigations of Spontaneous Imbibition in Porous Media

Pore-scale simulation of the combined effects of physical and chemical heterogeneity on dynamics of reactive flows
19.01.16 G38 Ying Gao

Amer Alhammadi

Robin Thomas

Wenzhuo Cao
First year PhD student introductions (1)
26.01.16 G38 Richard Heap (Energy Research Partnership UK) Prospects for CO2-EOR in the UKCS
02.02.16 G39 Thilo Wrona

Ben Niu
Multi-linear regression analysis of porosity changes due to silica diagenesis

The impact of rock dissolution on the multiphase flow properties of carbonate rocks
09.02.16 G39 Ian Collins (BP) Low Salinity Waterflooding: How does it work and what do the insights into the mechanism tell us?
16.02.16 G38 Jean-Claude Ringenbach (Total) Salt Tectonic Analogues in Sivas, Turkey
23.02.16 G38 First year PhD students (2):

Thomas Le Blevec

Wenzhuo Cao

Asiri Obeysekara

Betul Yildirim
First year PhD student introductions (2)

Geostatistical facies modelling in carbonate reservoirs

Mechanism and mitigation of gas outburst and rockburst hazards in coal mines

Numerical modelling of hydraulic fracturing in Naturally fractured rock using a FEM-FEMDEM Coupled Approach

Unconventional hydrocarbon well stimulation design and control
01.03.16 G38 Abigail Trice How lenses of varying permeability affect gravity fingered flow in unsaturated porous media
08.03.16 G38 Aksel Hiorth (IRIS) Water Weakening of Chalk - Insight from Lab Experiments and Numerical Modelling
15.03.16 G38 Catherine Peters (Princeton Univ.) Permeability evolution in fractures exposed to reactive flow
22.03.16 G38 Jennifer Druhan (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign) Reactive transport approaches to quantify the linkage between physical structure, biogeochemical reactivity and isotope partitioning in aquifers
29.03.16   Easter break  
05.04.16 1.31 David Puckett (Oil and Gas Authority) EOR in the North Sea and an update on the UK OGA EOR Strategy
12.04.16 G38 Gareth Williams (British Geological Survey) The Bunter Sandstone: an aquifer connectivity study
19.04.16 G38 Rebecca Liyanage

Yungui Xu
3D observations of convective mixing with application to CO2 storage

Finite difference modelling in Anisotropic media
26.04.16 1.31 Chao Ning

Thibaut Defoort
Modelling seismic wave propagation in attenuative media

Comparison of fracture mechanics and damage mechanics approaches to simulate three-point bending and double-notch experiments on rock samples
03.05.16 1.31 Jinyue Liu

Ali Al-Menhali
Seismic AVO inversion and constraints

Pore scale observations of residual CO2 trapping in mixed wet carbonate rocks
10.05.16 1.31 PGE Section Meeting  
17.05.16 1.31 Thomas Phillips The role of pre-existing structure on determining the geometry and evolution of multiphase rifts: Case studies from the small to the large scale, offshore S. Norway
24.05.16 2.42 Shahar Amitai

Martin Honig
New developments in Granular Statistical Mechanics

From regional to bed-scale sedimentological heterogeneities on a Triassic - Jurassic carbonate ramp (UAE/Oman) analogous to Middle Eastern reservoirs
31.05.16 G41 Ahmed Attar

Hasan Nourdeen
Evaluation of the Impact of Reservoir Heterogeneity and Mixing on Low Salinity Waterflooding

Upscaling Immiscible Two-phase flow
06.06.16 (Monday seminar) G39 Majid Hassanizadeh (Utrecht Univ.) Advanced theories of two-phase flow in deformable porous media, including fluid-fluid interfaces
14.06.16 G39 Brian Wood (Oregon State Univ.) Mixing in porous media with highly segregated initial conditions
21.06.16 G38 Saeed Salimzadeh Thermal effects during hydraulic fracturing in low-permeability brittle rocks


23.09.14 G38 Shamsudeen Abubakar Upscaling for Thermal Recovery
01.10.14 (Wed) 2.42 Zhejun Pan Gas storage and transport in shales
07.10.14 G38 Ian Jones From Imaging to Inversion
14.10.14 G38 available  
21.10.14 G38 Lidia Lonergan Advances in understanding ‘deepwater’ salt and shale dominated passive margins and the hydrocarbon exploration challenges
28.10.14 G38 Martin Hoenig (30mins) Sedimentology at the inter-well scale on a Jurassic carbonate ramp, UAE
30.10.14 (Thurs) G38 Abbas Firoozabadi Molecular Structures in Petroleum Systems in Relation to Efficient Hydrocarbon Energy Production and Recovery
04.11.14 G38 Dawoud Al Mahrouqi (30mins) Characterization of Controlled Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates Using Streaming Potential Measuremen ts in Intact Carbonate Core Samples
04.11.14 G38 Philipp Lang (30mins) Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Pore-scale Modelling of Rock Fractures
11.11.14 G38 Mike Mayall Turbidite deepwater slope channels - from exploration to development scale
18.11.14 G38 Cedric John Clumped isotope paleothermometer applied to reservoirs: a “cool" new tool for "hot topics"!
25.11.14 G38 Catriona Reynolds (30mins) The impact of heterogeneity on CO2- and N2-brine relative permeability
    Maart je Boon (30 mins) Observations of chemical transport and reaction in porous media in 3D with applications to understanding the role of heterogeneity in reactive transport
26.11.14 12-1pm 1.49 Chris Greenwell  
02.12.14 G38 Peter Lai (30mins) Pore-scale heterogeneity in the mineral distribution and reactive surface area of porous rocks
    Philipp Lang (30mins) Multi-scale modeling of THMC processes in fractured rock
09.12.14 G38 Mark Bentley (AGR TRACS Training) Spending a billion dollars in the right place
Xmas break ----- ----- -----
13.01.15 G38 Hasan Nourdeen Pore-to-Field Upscaling of Immiscible Two-Phase Flow
    Ahmed Al-Ratrout In situ measurement of contact angle and implications for pore-scale displacement
    Alexander Coleman Fault-propagation folding in salt-influenced extensional basins
    Oscar Calderon Addressing elastic effects on acoustic full-waveform inversion
20.01.15 G38 Youself Al-Khulaifi Dynamic Imaging of reaction in dolomite at reservoir conditions for carbon sequestration and EOR
    Jiashun Yao Adaptive waveform inversion
    Gaia Stucky de Quay Uplift and erosion histories of ancient buried landscapes: Constraining the evolution of the Icelandic plume
    Clea Kolster Multi-Scale Analysis and Modelling of dynamic CO2 Injection and storage
27.01.15 G38 Olivier Dubrule Geostatistical Earth Modelling: is there room for improvement?
03.02.15 G38 Chris Jackson The role of polygonal fault mapping in de-risking deep-water reservoir presence: a 3D seismic reflection case study from offshore Norway
10.02.15 G38 Ronny Pini (Dept. of Chem. Eng.) Assessing the adsorption properties of shales
17.02.15 G38 Carl Jacquemyn From outcrop geology to surface-based reservoir models
    Pablo Salinas From surface-based reservoir models to flow simulation
24.02.15 G38 Professor Klaus Lackner Progress on the direct capture of CO2 from the air
03.03.15 G39 Lectureship interviews Please attend 9-12.30 in G39
10.03.15 G38 Gareth Williams, Hayley Vosper, British Geological Survey Estimating the thickness of CO2 layers at the Sleipner CO2 storage project in the North Sea using time lapse seismic 
17.03.15 G38 Amadi Ijioma (30 min), Tarik Saif (30 min) Closed-loop feedback control of smart wells for production optimisation using downhole measurements of self-potential (Ijioma), Pore-scale analysis of Oil Shale (Saif)
24.03.15 G38 Ross Parnell-Turner (Univ. Cambridge) A Continuous Record of North Atlantic Rifting under the Influence of the Iceland Mantle Plume
31.03.15 G38 Ado Farsi (30 min)

Ben Niu (30 min)
Numerical simulations of particle stress and fracture for the improvement of catalyst performance

The impact of reservoir conditions on the residual trapping of carbon dioxide in Berea sandstone
07.04.15     College Closure
14.04.15     No seminar
21.04.15 G38 Craig Smalley (BP) Maximising oil and gas recovery using 'technical limits' approach
28.04.15 G38 Prof. Robert Zimmerman The effects of pore structure, pore fluid, stress, and frequency on elastic wavespeeds in sandstones
05.05.15 G38 Abdulkareem Alroudhan (30 min)

Luis Guasch (30 min)
Zeta potential in carbonates at reservoir conditions - Applications to IOR

Adaptive waveform Inversion
12.05.15 G38 Sebastian Geiger (Heriot-Watt) Multi-scale modelling and simulation of fractured carbonate reservoirs
19.05.15 G38 Alistair Jones (BP) When should we believe simulation predictions?
26.05.15   Adamu Suleiman (30 min)

Nuno Vieira-da-silva (30 min)
Structural style of normal fault inversion and implications for the hydrocarbon potential of rift basins: Insights from Bornu Basin, Onshore Northeast Nigeria

Anisotrpic Full Waveform Inversion: What hides behind the parameterization
02.06.15   Thibaut Defoort (30 min)

Julien Maes (30 min)
Finite element study of brittle failure of a caprock due to fluid withdrawal from the reservoir

Study of In Situ Upgrading of Heavy Oil Using Dimensionless Numbers
09.06.15   Qinghua Lei (30 min)

Peter Lai (30 min)
Progressive rock mass failure around a tunnel excavation in a geological formation with discontinuities: A numerical study

Characterisation of heterogeneity in the pore scale distribution of reactive surface area
16.06.15   Yacine Debbabi (30 min)

Ahmed Attar (30 min)
Generic modeling of reservoir heterogeneity and its impact on flow

Evaluation of Mixing in Low Salinity Flooding
23.06.15   Morteza Nejati (30 min) Accurate computation of stress intensity factors using tetrahedral meshes
16.07.15   Jerome Neufeld (Univ. Cambridge) Monitoring and modelling the flow and dissolution of geologically stored CO2
28.07.15   Mohammed Alshawaf (30 min)  


1-Oct 13 1.47 Julien Maes Scaling Heat and Mass Flow through Porous Media in the Presence of Pyrolysis
    Sergio Esperancinha Fracture Potential of Evaporite Seals.



Manuela Stehle

Shear and Extensional Fractures above a Salt Diapir at Jebel Madar, Oman: An Outcrop Analogue Reveals Implications for Subsurface Fluid Flow.



Joe Jordan

Statistical Mechanics of Granular Matter - Structure in 3D and Analytical Results in 2D.



Dr Carl Jacquemyn

Distribution and Geometry of Dolomite Bodies in Association with Igneous Activity (Latemar, northern Italy).



Henry Debens

Anisotropic Acoustic Full Wavefield Inversion.



Xuhai Tang

Numerical Simulation of Rock Fragmentation.



Gaurav Singh

Discrete and continuum studies of some fundamental issues in brittle fracture mechanics.



Chandra Taposeea

John Archer Scholarship Awards Ceremony.

Numerical modelling of the continental break-up of the South Atlantic.



Dawoud Al-Mahrouqi

Characterization of Controlled Salinity Waterflooding in Carbonates Using Streaming Potential Measurements in Intact Carbonate Core Samples.



Jasmin Ambrose

Failure of Anisotropic Shales under Triaxial Stress Compression.



Dr Tobias Kluge

Carbonate reservoir characterization using clumped isotopes – a new geochemical approach.



Dr Carl Jacquemyn

Surface based modelling of carbonate reservoirs.



Donald MacAllister

Monitoring Saline Intrusion into Freshwater Aquifers using Measurements of Spontaneous Potential.



Dr Masoud Babaei

An Upscaling–Static-Downscaling Scheme for Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes.



New PhD students

Short presentations of their projects



Yacine Debbabi

Generic modeling of reservoir heterogeneity and its impact on flow.


  Ahmed Attar

Impact of Geological Heterogeneity on Oil Recovery by Low Salinity Water Flooding.


  Ado Farsi

Improving Catalyst Performance Thr ough Numerical Simulatio n s of Particle Stress and Fracture.



Maartje Boon

Observations of dispersion in porous media in 3D with applications to understandi ng the role of heterogeneity in reactive transport.



Dr Veerle Vandeginste

Unravelling  fluid flow in salt dome roof strata: a structural diagenetic study at Jebel Madar (Oman).



Irina Kostyleva

Well testing of shale gas wells.


Munira Al-Hadrami

Investigations into Heavy Oil Recovery by Vapour Extraction (VAPEX).




Dr Gerard Massonnat Permeability Upscaling: from Data to Model.

17-Dec-13, 12pm


Yvette Flood

Analysis of fine-grained floodplain facies as a tool to interpret spatial and temporal variation in avulsion style: Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Utah, U.S.A.


Azli Abu Bakar

Geological Controls on Jurassic Sediment Preservation in the Salt-influenced Central North Sea Rift Basin, UKCS.


Marijn Van Cappelle

Tidal to fluvial transition of the Sego Sandstone, Book Cliffs, Utah, USA.


Dan Collins

Influence of basin physiography on coastal-shelf sedimentary processes: Integrating ocean modelling and sedimentary facies analysis in the Mio-Pliocene, NW Borneo, South China Sea.

Xmas break






Donatella Astratti

Geometry and kinematics of normal faults in a salt-related minibasin, Santos Basin, offshore Brazil.


Prof Chris Harris

The Use of Engineered Thermal Materials to Manipulate Heat Flow – Theory and Applications.

21 -Jan-14,     (1 hour) G38 Dr Adam Boot Seismology in the Freezer: Quantitative analysis of glaciological seismic data. 
2 2-Jan-14, 12:00-1:00pm G38

Dr Michael Abrams

Hydrocarbon Charge Considerations in Liquid-Rich Unconventional Petroleum Systems.



Morteza Nejati

Modelling of rock hysteresis based on the sliding of micro-cracks.

Sunshine Abbott

Sedimentological and petrological investigations of evaporite-carbonate sabkha cycles in the Jurassic Weald Basin, U.K.



Dr Pablo Salinas

IC-FERST: The Imperial College Finite Element Reservoir SimulaTor.

    Julien Maes

Modelling heat and m ass transfer in porous material duri ng pyrolysis using operator splitting and dimensionless analysis.



Hannah Menke

Dynamic Pore-scale Reactive Transport Experiments and Modelling in Carbonate Rocks at Reservoir Conditions.

18-Feb-14       (1 hour)

G38 Dr Gary Hampson Outcrop-based reservoir models: field-derived numerical laboratories to constrain and mitigate subsurface uncertainty.

25-Feb-14      (1 hour)


Dr Hans Nelson


Bryant Canyon and other Gulf of Mexico Mini-basin Turbidite Systems: Analogues for Subsurface Petroleum Plays.


(1 hour)

G38 Prof. Martin Blunt The revolution in flow in porous media.

18-Mar-14     (1 hour)

G38 Prof. Matt Jackson

Surfaces, simulators and sketching: A brand new approach to integrated reservoir modelling.


G38 Rocio Negrete

AVA Attributes for Lithology and Fluid Discrimination Based on a Quadratic Form of Zoeppritz's Equations.

26-Mar-14 (1pm) G38 Rino Migliore Weathering prediction model for stored liquefied natural gas.


G38 Dr. Sam Krevor

Capillary pressure, relative permeability and residual trapping in CO2-brine-sandstone systems. A year of experimental multiphase flow observations at reservoir conditions.

8-Apr-14 G38 Dr. Jiansheng Xiang

Two new methods for simulating naturally fractured reservoirs: Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method (FEMDEM) and Immersed Body Method (Y3D/fluidity).


  Catriona Reynolds Impact of reservoir conditions on co2- b ri ne relative permeability.
EASTER ----- -------------------- -------------------------------------------- ------ -


G38 Joe Jordan Characterisation of 3D structures by quadrons - emerging results.
    Shahar Amitai  From structural characteristics of porous media to diffusion behaviour.


G38 Philipp Lang

Permeability tensor of three-dimensional fractured porous rock and a comparison to trace map predictions.

    Hussam Busfar Predicting changes in Vp and Vs during steam flooding of heavy oil reservoirs.


1.47 Y acine Debbabi Generic modelling of reservoir heterogeneity and its impact on flow.
    Morteza Nejati

On the computation of stress intensity factors on unstructured tetrahedral meshes.



Prof. Igor Tsukrov, (University of New Hampshire)

Characterisation and Statistical Modelling of Irregular Porosity based on X-ray Microchromography Data.


    Akela Silverton

Offset variable density improves model resolution and data fit in acoustic full waveform inversion.


1.47 Peter Lai Pore Scale Heterogeneity in the Mineral Distribution and Surface Area of Porous Rocks.
    Julia Beckert

Exploring the controls on the shape, distribution and internal fabrics of late diagenetic dolomite bodies (Lower Permian - Central Oman Mountains.


(1 hour)

G38 Prof. Alain Gringarten Imperial in the trial of the century:BP vs. US Department of Justice, Macondo Phase 2.
17-Jun-14 G38 Saba Manzoor Atmospheric chemistry modelling of amine emissions from post combustion CO2 capture technology.
    Marijn van Capelle

Tidal-to fluvial transitions in deltaic deposits: A sedimentological analysis of the Sego Sandstone (Book Cliffs, USA).


1.47 Ali Al-Menhali Effective Core-scale Wettability  Measurements of CO2-Brine-Sandstone System at Reservoir Conditions. 
    Ahmed Attar Evaluation of the impact of sandstone heterogeneity on oil recovery by low salinity waterflooding.


G38 Abdulaziz Aldhuwaihi Upscaling polymer flooding to compensate for numerical dispersion and geological heterogeneity.
    Qinghua Lei Geomechanical modelling of fractured rock masses based on FEMDEM for realistic aperture characterisation.
8-Jul-14 G38 Jiazuo Zhang Streaming potential dependance on water saturation during drainage and imbibition.
    Amadi Ijioma Closed loop feedback control of smart wells for production optimisation using downhole measurements of self potential.
22-Jul-14 G38 Prof. Chris White (Tulane University)

We Don’t Know Anything, We Don’t Know Nothing: Using Data in Earth Science Models.



Summer break

23-Sep-14 G39 Shamsudeen Abubakar Thermal Oil recovery upscaling.
7-Oct-14   Dr Ian F. Jones (ION GX Technology) From Imaging to Inversion.


PGE Seminars

02- Oct Fahad Dilib Closed-loop feedback control in intelligent wells: application to a heterogenous, this oil-rim reservoir in the North Sea. 
  Rachares Petvipusit Robust optimization of CO2 control strategies under geological uncertainty using adaptive sparse surrogate.
 09-Oct Julien Maes

Thermal Adaptive Implicit Method: Temperature Stability Criteria.


Hussam Busfar

From focal mechanisms of earthquakes to EOR using electrical heating to seismic monitoring of heavy oil recovery by steam injection
  Chao Ning Stochastic seismic inversion
  Kimberley Johnston Source and structural control of hydrothermal dolomitization, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma
new PhDs Martin Hönig Sedimentary and diagenetic heterogeneities in a Jurassic Middle Eastern carbonate ramp
 23-Oct Rocio Negrete Cadena AVA accuracy analysis and new AVA attributes based on a quadratic approximation to the Zoeppritz equations
  Annabel Dale Clumped isotopes and carbonate concretions: The Prairie Canyon Member, Utah
 30-Oct Akela Silverton

Full Waveform Inversion of Reflection Seismic Data.


Dr Veerle Vandeginste

Structural control on subsurface flow of dolomitizing fluids: examples from Oman.


Ahmad Abushaikha

Finite Element in Reservoir Simulation.
  Munira Al-Hadhrami Investigations into Heavy Oil Recovery by VApour EXtraction (VAPEX)

 13-Nov  special

Prof. Al Fraser

Exploration offshore Angola: A continuing success story.

20-Nov Xiaoguang Wang

Bulk properties of fracture networks in carbonates for multi-scale flow modelling.

New PhDs Sunshine Abbott

Sedimentology and diagenetic characterization of seal analogues.

1pm Qinghua Lei

Geo-mechanical modelling of 10 х10 m Analogue Fracture Models using the FEMDEM Code, Y2D

1:30pm Dmitry Eydinov A new approach to reservoir simulation.
27-Nov Donald Macallister Monitoring saline intrusion into freshwater aquifers using measurements of spontaneous potential.
  Abdulkareem Alroudhan

Wettability Characterization of Carbonates Using Streaming Potential Measurements.

04-Dec Onochie Obidi

Timescales for the Development of Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs.

  Dr Craig Magee Forced fold d.evelopment above igneous intrusions and potential impacts on hydrocarbon systems
11 Dec 12:10 Muhammad Tariq

MSc (Petroleum Engineering) Individual Project presentation

Shale Oil and Gas Well test and Production data analysis

12:30 Zaki Al Nahari

Pore scale modelling of single phase reactive transport.

13:00 Nicholas Holgate

Insights into the composition and architecture of seismically-imaged clinoforms constrained by forward seismic modelling of outcrop analogues in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, USA


Xmas special

Dr Lidia Lonergan

Geology and landscape -100 Million years of Italian History.

 (for non geologists)

------------------ Holidays  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 15-Jan Oussama Gharbi Changes is pore structure and connectivity induced by CO2 injection in carbonates.
  Thilo Wrona

Influence of silica diagenesis on physical rock properties and seal development: insights from 3D seismic reflection and well data from the Norwegian Margin.

 21-Jan Steve Vittoratos

Optimal Heavy Oil Waterflood Management May Differ from that of Light Oils

 29-Jan Dr Arnaud lange

Characterization and modelling of fractured reservoirs: dynamic data integration (ifpen)

 5-Feb Matt Andrew

Multi-Scale imaging of Carbonates at Elevated Temperature and Pressures.


Byami Jolly

Growth History of Fault-Propagation Folds and Interaction with Seabed Channels, Deepwater Niger Delta

 12-Feb Prof. Matt Jackson

‘Next Generation’ Reservoir Modelling and Simulation (or, Why Good Reservoir Models Cannot Be Built From Lego)

  Claire Sena

Are depositional, diagenetic and fracture heterogeneities in carbonates linked?

 19-Feb Dr Branko Bijeljic  On the Origin of non-Fickian Transport in Porous Media.
 26- Feb Rudolf Umla

The Enskog-2sigma model, a new model for viscosity

5-Mar Peter Lai

Characterizing Reactive Surface Heterogeneity

12-Mar Clara Rodriguez The enigmatic evaporites of the Aptian Ariri Formation, Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil: new insights from 3D seismic and well logs analysis

Jasmin Ambrose

Failure Criteria for Anisotropic Rocks

26-Mar Abdulaziz N Al Balushi

Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Impact of the Messinain Salinity crisis on the petroleum systems

------------------ Holidays  
16-Apr Julien Maes

Scaling heat and mass flow through porous media in the presence of pyroly s i s


Liwei Guo

A Numerical Investigation of Fracture Pattern and Fracture Aperture Development in Multi-layered Rock using a Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method


Rachares Petvipusit

A Robust Multi-criterion Optimization of CO2 Injection strategies Under Model Uncertainty


Nayef Al-Ansi

Measurements of Remaining Oil Saturation In Mixed-wet Carbonates
7-May Fahad Dilib

Impact of Heterogeneity on Flow in Shallow-Marine Reservoirs: Application to a Thin Oil Column

  Dr Peter Fitch

Interaction of Production Strategy with Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Heterogeneity in Carbonate Reservoirs

14 -May Gaétan Bardy

Sorting reservoir models according to flow criteria: a new methodology, using Fast Marching Methods and Multi-Dimensional Scaling

  Benoit Massart Effective permeability in tidal heterolithic cross-bedded sandstones


28-May Gil-Arnaud Coche

Deriving an effective permeability of porous media: a short review

Abdulkareem Alroudhan
Wettability Characterization of Carbonates Using Streaming Potential Measurement

4-Jun Catriona Reynolds The Impact of CO2-brine interfacial tension on relative permeability in the CO2-brine-sandstone system.
11-Jun Jiazuo Zhang Pore-level modelling of spontaneous potential in complex porous media
  Amadi Ijioma Closed-loop feedback control of smart wells for production optimisation using self-potential measurement
18-Jun Ali Al-Menhali Pressure, Temperature and Ionic Strength Effects on the Wettability of CO2-brine-sandstone System: Core-scale Contact Angle Measurements.
  Gavin Graham

Controls on fluid flow and hydrocarbon recovery in a clinoform-bearing, fluvial-dominated reservoir analogue: Ferron Sandstone, Utah

25-Jun Xiaoguang Wang

Bulk properties of fracture networks in carbonate for multi-scale modelling

  Yvette Flood Analysis of fine-grained floodplain deposits as a tool to interpret avulsion style and variability: Upper Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah, U.S.A.

Annabel Dale

Clumped isotopes and carbonate cements in clastic sediments

9 -Jul Holiday


PGE Seminars

 04 Oct Chris Jackson Quantitative seismic geomorphology of Pleistocene fluvial systems in the Malay Basin, Southeast Asia: implications for reservoir modelling
 11 Oct Prof Matsushima Mechanics of granular materials for geosicence and geoengineering 
 18 Oct Jan Vinogradov Thermoelectric and Electrochemical potentials
  Veerle Vandeginste Stylolitization of late Eocene to early Miocene carbonate-bearing lithologies from IODP Hole 317-U1352C (Canterbury Basin, New Zealand)
 25 Oct Joe Jordan Scientists and Programming - A quick look at how we could spend less time writing better code.
 01 Nov Prof Ann Muggeridge Hydrodynamic aquifer or reservoir compartmentalization?
 08 Nov Prof Jim Petrie Mineral carbonation:  a practical, and economically feasible carbon solution at scale.
 11 Nov Prof Chris Harris Bellaire Technology Center 1936-2011 – A Hotbed of Innovation and Groundbreaking Research.
 15 Nov Allan Leal Progress on the Development of a Simulator for Modelling Carbon Dioxide Storage in Geological Formations with Geochemical Reactions.
  Ana Mijic The extension of the Buckley-Leverett formulation to variable and nonlinear two-phase flow
 22 Nov Ahmed Dahroug Tight Sands Well Test Response using Numerical Simulation and Well Test Analysis
  Aruna Mannie Exploration potential of the Norwegian Central Graben.
 29 Nov Peter Fitch How stratigraphic heterogeneities impact on flow in carbonate reservoirs: application of hierarchical modelling and experimental design 
  Abdulaziz Al-Balushi Impact of the Messinian Salinity Crisis on Eastern Mediterranean Petroleum Systems 
 06 Dec Bilal Rashid Quantifying the effect of geological heterogeneity on oil recovery - Simplifying reservoir models by flow regime.
  Johan Claringbould Structural Evolution and Integrated Geomodelling of a Salt-cored Carbonate Dome, Jebel Madar, Oman.
 13 Dec Benoît Massart

Characterization and modelling of small-scale heterogeneities in tidally-influenced heterolithic sandstones reservoirs 

  Gavin Graham

Three-dimensional modeling of clinoforms and their impact on fluid flow and hydrocarbon recovery within shallow-marine reservoirs

 14 Dec Prof Dean Olivier Ensemble-based methods: filters, smoothers and iteration.
 -------------- Holidays  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 10 Jan Prof Matt Jackson The Electric Earth: Characterizing and Monitoring Subsurface Flow using the Spontaneous Potential 
 17 Jan  Prof Al Fraser The Messinian Salinity Crisis: Impact on Prospectivity in the Eastern Mediterranean
 24 Jan Manuela Stehle Deformation history of a carbonate carapace above a salt dome based on an outcrop study of fracturing, stylolitisation and mechanical stratigraphy (Jebel Madar, Oman): a template for subsurface analysis
  Hayley Allen The Messinian Evaporite Complex in the Eastern Mediterranean: A natural laboratory for studying evaporite sedimentation patterns and salt tectonics in a youthful saline giant
 31 Jan Stefano Patruno Sand-prone subaqueous deltas: a subsurface example from the lower Sognefjord Formation, Northern North Sea, offshore Norway.
 7 Feb Dr Nicolas Riesco

The VW method for chain molecules: petroleum fluids.

 14 Feb Dr Sam Krevor

The Multiphase Flow Properties of the CO2/brine System in Sandstone Rocks

 21 Feb Ali Q Raeini  Two-phase flow simulation at the pore scale using finite volume method
 28 Feb Colin Leung  Permeability of Two-dimensional Fracture Networks
   Kehinde Olafiranye Cancelled
 6 Mar Fahad Dilib Closed-loop feedback control for production optimization of intelligent wells under uncertainty.
  Nikhil Shah  Full Wavefield Seismic Inversion - Examples and Future direction. 
 13 Mar Prof Pierre Adler  Prediction of the macroscopic properties of fractured porous media.
 20 Mar Rudolf Umla  The Enskog-2sigma model.
  Rehab El-Maghraby High pressure and high temperature capillary trapping of CO2 in carbonates.
 27 Mar Emmanuel David The effect of stress, pore fluid and pore structure on elastic wave velocities in sandstones.
 3 Apr  Benoit Massart Three-Dimensional Surface-Based Modeling and Flow Simulation of Heterolithic Tidal Sandstone Reservoirs: Examples from the Eocene Dir Abu Lifa Formation Reservoir Analogue, Western Desert, Egypt
 10 Apr Holidays  --------------------------------------------------------------------
 17 Apr Zaki Al-Nahari Direct simulation of single-phase reactive transport; preliminary results.
  Dr Anne-Lise Jourdan The carbonate clumped isotopes paleothermomether and application to diagenesis.
 24 Apr Rebecca Hihinashvili Measuring the compactivity - a granular temperature 
  Gaurav Singh Atomistic modelling of brittle fracture.
  1st May Ruo Wang Basis pursuit method for seismic reflectivity inv ersion.
 8 May

Ahmad Abushaikha

Challenges Encountered while Developing FEFV Fractured Reservoir Simulator.

  Xuhai Tang A finite element, impulse-based approach for simulating rock fragmentation. 
 15 May Munira Al-Hadrami Investigations into Heavy Oil Recovery by VApour Extraction (VAPEX)
  Dr Yukie Tanino Capillary trapping: impact of microporosity, pore size distribution, and pore connectivity
 22 May Dr Jason Go Detecting Reservoir Compartmentalization from the Mixing Time-scales of 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratio Variations in Oilfield Formation Waters
29 May

Tenice Nangoo

Full-waveform seismic inversion at reservoir depths.

   Liwei Guo Fracture Model for the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method - from 2D to 3D.
 5 Jun  Holiday  -----------------------------------------------------------------------
12 Jun

Onochie Obidi

Timescales for the Development of Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. 


Gang Yao

Least-Squares Reverse-Time Migration.

 19 Jun Claire Sena  Why and how to model shoal bodies? Rule-based facies modeling of shoal-dominated carbonate reservoirs.
  Ahmed Al-Yaqobi  
 26 Jun Matt Lewis  
  Kenneth Irabor  
 3 Jul  Holidays  -------------------------------------------------------------------


PGE Seminars

 05 Oct Benoit Massart Improved characterization and modeling  of low permeability heterolithic  deltaic sandstone reservoirs
  Gavin Graham Improved Characterisation and Modelling of Thinly-Bedded Shallow Marine Sandstone Reservoirs
 12 Oct Martin Blunt Capillary trapping in sandstones
 19 Oct Fahad Dilib Closed-loop control of intelligent wells for production optimisation
  Becky Bell Tectonic Evolution of the Corinth Rift, Central Greece
 26 Oct Cedric John Timing and Magnitude of Miocene Eustasy Derived From The Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Record of the Northeastern Australian Margin 
 02 Nov Craig Smalley  
 09 Nov Ana Mijic  
  Claire Nunes Harrington Sena  
 16 Nov Gavin Elliott How important are fault segment linkage points as sediment pathways? An example from the Jurassic Bremstein Fault Complex, Offshore Mid-Norway
  Ahmad Abushaikha  
 23 Nov Al-Yaqoobi, Ahmed  
  Tenice Nangoo  
 30 Nov Evelina Dmitrieva  
  Hifaa Alajmi  
 07 Dec Oussama Gharbi  
  Stefano Patruno


 14 Dec  Riesco, Nicolas  The viscosity of chain molecules
   Evrard, Elisabeth Facies distribution in the Zechstein Supergroup and influence on rift basin structural style in the Norwegian North Sea
 11 Jan Tara LaForce  
 18 Jan  Olafiranye, Kehinde


  Babaei, Masoud  
 25 Jan Yok Pongthunya  
  Peyman Mostaghimi  
01 Feb Berit Legler Facies-belt pinch-out relationships in a distal, mixed-influence shallow-marine reservoir analogue: Lower Sego Sandstone Member, western Colorado, U.S.A
  Bilal Rashid  
08 Feb Gary Hampson  
15 Feb   Umla, Rudolf  
   Sobers, Lorraine  
22 Feb
David, Emmanuel  
  Zhang, Nan  
01 Mar  Olivier Gosselin  
08 Mar Rebecca Hihinashvili  
  Stekl, Ivan  
15 Mar  Shah, Nikhil  
  Holgate, Nicholas  

22 Mar
Jourdan, Anne-Lise  
  Qaseminejad Raeini, Ali  

29 Mar
El-Maghraby, Rehab  
  de La Porte, Jacoba  
05 April Peter King  
12 April  Saunders, Jon H  
  Goater, Aaron  
 --------------  Easter Break  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 03 May first year project summaries  
 10 May

Dahroug, Ahmed  
  Vandeginste, Veerle  
17 May
Jamal Ahmad, Mohammad
  Ogunrewo, Olakunle  
24 May  Okafor, Emeka  
  Lorena Lazaro  
31 May Stefan Iglauer  
  Cairns, Grace  
07 Jun first year project summaries  
  first year project summaries  
14 Jun Alqahtani, Faisal  
  Wu, Di  
21 Jun Ali, Mohammad  
  Lamb, Anthony  
28 Jun Al-Balushi, Abdulaziz  
  Xiang, Jiansheng  


PGE Seminars

 13 Oct Masoud Babaei Applications of wavelet transform in reservoir simulations & up-scaling
  Lorraine Sobers Seven days in Saudi Arabia 
 20 Oct Berit Legler Characterisation of tide-dominated heterolithic reservoir analogues: Eocene Qasr El Sagha Formation, Western Desert, Egypt
  Faisal Alqahtani Fluvial reservoir analogues in the Malay Basin: analysis of shallow 3D seismic data of Pleistocene rivers on the Sunda Shelf
 27 Oct Matthew Jackson Three-dimensional Modeling of a Shoreface-shelf Parasequence Reservoir Analogue: Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Controls on Fluid Flow and Hydrocarbon Recovery
  Gavin Elliott The evolution of salty, faulty slope
 3 Nov Emmanuel David The effect of pore structure on the seismic wavespeeds of sedimentary rocks
  Peyman Mostaghimi Numerical simulation of transport phenomena on pore-space images
 10 Nov Grace Cairns The Feasibility of using Seismic Monitoring for Leakage at CO2 Storage Sites
  Gary Hampson High-Resolution Stratigraphic Architecture in Regressive and Transgressive Shallow-Marine Outcrop Analogues 
17 Nov
Prof. Yves Guglielmi In situ study of dynamic coupled hydromechanical processes in fractured-porous rocks at the decametre scale 
 24 Nov Fuguo Tong A Fully-Coupled Finite Element Code for Modelling Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Processes in Porous Geological Media 
  Chris Harris Constraints on Estimates of Reservoir Thermal Conductivity Variability for Hydrocarbon Production by In-Situ Upgrading 
 1 Dec Erica Thompson What can we expect from Copenhagen? Implications for petroleum engineers, science and society
  Alex Whittaker The sediment gun: controls on sediment supply to basins during normal fault growth and linkage 
 8 Dec Colin Leung Estimation of the hydraulic conductivity of a two-dimensional fracture network using effective medium theory and power-law averaging 
  Bilal Rashid Heterogeneity is a ubiquitous feature of porous media and quite possibly the most important factor governing fluid flow through sedimentary rocks
 --------------  Christmas Break  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 12 Jan Ahmad Abushaikha  SubFace Matrix-Fracture Transfer Function: Improved Model of Gravity Drainage/Imbibition 
  Donald Besong  The Role of Activity Coefficients in the Compositional Grading of Petroleum Mixtures 
19 Jan  Erica Thompson  What does the outcome of the Copenhagen negotiations mean for the future of petroleum? A short and long term assessment 
26 Jan  Lorena Lazaro  Streamline-based Simulations for CO2 Storage: Improved Thermodynamic Modelling 
  Chris Pentland  Measuring Capillary Trapping in Sandstones - Implications for CO2 storage 
2 Feb  Potcharaporn (Yok) Pongthunya  An Assessment of Risk and Uncertainty due to Up-scaling Process in Reservoir Performance Predictions
  Mandefro Belayneh  Fault, fracture and flow characterisation in the Hanze chalk reservoir, southern North Sea
9 Feb Nasher AlBinHassan  Reservoir properties prediction using group method of data handling 
  Xu Liu  The seismic waves in double-porosity media and the numerical modelling 
16 Feb   Janine Lahr  QCCSRC Project 1: Role of fractures in controlling diagenetic fluid flow, focussed on Jebel Madar (Oman) 
   Claire Nunes Harrington Sena  Facies control on early diagenesis and fracturation potential for shallow water carbonates 
  Nick Holgate  A comparative study of controls on shoreline trajectories in rift-margin and rift-interior shallow marine systems 
  Stephano Patruno  Linkage between shelf and slope depositional systems along the margins of an active rift basin: insights from shoreline trajectories analysis 
  Naser Al-Hajri Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbonated Reservoirs
23 Feb   Cancelled 
2 Mar  Elisabeth Evrard Facies distribution in the Zechstein Supergroup and influence on rift basin structural style in Greater Sleipner area, South Viking Graben, Northern North Sea Rift
  Aaron Goater Convergence of Multiphase Simulation with application to CO2 Storage
9 Mar   Kazeem Lawal Modelling Asphaltene-Induced Formation Damage under Dynamic Conditions
  Adrian She lley Layer parallel compression of multilayer systems: In search of the mechanisms of kink-band formation
16 Mar Rebecca Hihinashvili  Morphological Characterization of Porous Materials for Fuel Cells 
  Tom Jewell Characterisation of fluvial sandbody geometry and facies architecture (Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Utah) 
23 Mar Anne-Lise Jourdan  The clumped isotopes: a new exciting technique, applicable to reservoirs charaterisation
  Abdulkareem Alsofi  Numerical Dispersion in Augmented Waterflooding 
30 Mar  Veerle Vandeginste  Late-diagenetic, fault-related dolomitization in Jebel Akhdar (Northern Oman Mountains) 
  Jonathan Paul A new water resource for London: wastewater flow through the Chalk
 --------------  Easter Break  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
20 April  Anthony Lamb Finite element coupled deformation and fluid flow in fractured porous media 
  Chris Jackson 3D seismic imaging of lower delta-plain depositional elements in the Brent Group, northern North Sea
27 April Euan Macrae The Freyja Project: uncertainty analysis of geological interpretations 
4 May   Cancelled 
11 May Emily Chapman Capillary Trapping in Carbonate Rocks 
18 May  Zhiqiang Zhang Shear strength of rock joint
  Nikhil Shah  Meeting the need for 3D seismic full waveform inversion in reservoir depth-imaging
25 May Jiansheng Xiang From DEM to FEMDEM: an introduction of FEMDEM and its applications 


Date            Speaker        Title 
14 Oct

        Chris Pentland

Measurement of Non-Wetting Phase Trapping in Sand Packs

21 Oct         Abdulkareem Alsofi  
Non-Newtonian Rheology Effect on Sweep and Recovery
28 Oct       Dr Raphael Blumenfeld

The Rich Dynamics of Process Zone Limited Fracture Propagation in heterogeneous Materials

4 Nov

      Dr Masa Prodanovic

University of Texas at Austin

A level set method for drainage and imbibition in realistic porous media
11 Nov     Dr Evren Unsal

 Extended DFN Modelling: First Insights on the Contribution of Counter Current Imbibition to Recovery

18 Nov


       Rachel Kieft


      Anthony Lamb

Impact of syn-depositional faulting on shallow-marine sedimentation and reservoir distribution:Hugin Formation, Block 15/3, Norwegian South Viking Graben


Deformation and fracture propagation of fully saturated porous media using XFEM and RPIM

25 Nov 

     Erica Thompson

 Oil in context: what future for petroleum?

2 Dec

12.30:  Dr Nicolas Riesco


13.00:   Seb Turner

Viscosity of dense fluid mixtures



The Tarin Basin: Geology and Politics on China's Western Frontier

9 Dec

 12.30: Lateef Akanji


 13.00:   Evelina Dmitrieva

Characterisation of Pore-scale Geometry and its Impact on Fluid Flow


Geometry of Palaocene deep-water depositional systems in the Norwegian North Sea: a 3D seismic case study from eastern margin of the North Viking Graben


  Date            Speaker        Title 
20 Jan

   12:30 --   Dr Chris Harris

   13.00 --   Faisal Alqahtani

Flow Profiles and Hydraulic Conductance’s in Pore Flow Channels with Lens-Shaped Cross Sections


Fluvial Depositional Systems in the Malay Basin: Reconstructing Pliocene-Quaternary Rivers on the Sunda Shelf Using 3D Seismic Data.

27 Jan

   12:30 --   Xavier Garcia


   13:00 --  Dr Gary Hampson



Controls on sandbody distribution and straigraphic architecture in coastal-plain strata, Blackhawk Formation, Wasatch Plateau, Utah.

3 Feb

   12:30 --  Dr Matt Jackson

   13:00 -- Jon Saunders 



Fluid flow monitoring in oilfields using downhole measurements of electrokinetic potential

10 Feb

   12.30 --  Dr Mohd Zaidi Jaafar

   13:00 -- Dr Jan Vinogradov

Measurements of electrokinetic potential at high salinity for downhole monitoring in intelligent wells.

--- ---------------------------------------------------------------


17 Feb

   12:30 -- Donald Besong

   13.00 -- Dr Mandefro Belayneh

Time-Scales for the Development of Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs - Effect of modelling real gravity-driven systems as ideal mixtures.


24 Feb

   12:30 -- PGE Joint Session

Workshop on CO2 Sequestration

contributions from M. Blunt, C. John (Qatar Project) , Mike Warner & students

3 March 

   13.00-14.00 -- Larry Myer (1.51)

COGeologic Storage Research -  What's next?
10 March


   12.30 --  Hamidereza Maghami Nick

   13.00 -- Seb Turner

17 March 

   12.30 -- Murtaza Gulamali

   13.00 -- Tara La Force

24 March     12.30-1.30 -- Chin-Fu Tsang

 Talk 1: Flowing Fluid Electric Conductivity (FFEC) logging for simultaneous determination of hydraulic properties of multiple fractures.

Talk 2: Single-Well injection withdrawal (SWIW) tracer test method for determination of matrix diffusion and linear sorption parameter.

31 March

     12:30 -- Samantha Taggart

     13: 00 -- Peter Deveugle


28 April

     12:30 --  Olalare Oloruntobi

     13:00 -- Andrew Mcandrew

  Effects of Aquifer heterogeneity on CO2 sequestration.

   room 1.51

5 May

     12:30 -- Abdu Zubairu

     13.00 -- Paul Whipp

12 May

     12:30 -- Abdul Al Rabaani

     13:00 -- Nasher Albinhassan

19 May

     12:30 -- Dr Stefan Iglauer

     13:00 -- Dr Branko Bijeljic      




19 April  

Anwar Al-Kharusi 

Progress made on Pore Network Extraction for Carbonates

26 April 

Hassan Mahani 

Vorticity-Based Coarse Grid Generation for Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase

03 May 

Kevin Choi 

Dispersion in Porous Media from Pore-Scale Simulation

10 May 

Mandefro Belayneh 

Gravity Drainage Numerical Experiment in Chalk

17 May 

Hu Dong 

Micro-CT Analysis of Porous Rocks and Transport Prediction

24 May

Manijeh Bozorgzadeh 

Application of Build-Up Transient Pressure Data to Well Deliverability Forecasting of Gas Condensate Reservoirs

31 May 

Peyman Nurfaza

Uncertainties in Percolation Applied Reservoir Modelling to Predict Oil Recovery

07 June  

Yahya Al-wahaibi

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Gas-Oil Multicontact Miscible Displacement in Homogeneous and Laminated Porous Media

14 June 

Andrey Mezentsev 

New methods for Definition and Discretization of Complex Geological Geometry