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author = {Mostaghimi, P and Bijeljic, B and Blunt, MJ},
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AB - We simulate flow and transport directly on pore-space images obtained by micro-CT scanning of rock cores. An efficient Stokes solver is used to simulate low-Reynolds number flows. The flow simulator uses a finite-difference method along with a standard predictor-corrector procedure to decouple pressure and velocity. An algebraic multigrid technique solves the linear systems of equations. We then predict permeability and the results are compared with lattice Boltzmann numerical results and available experimental data. For solute transport we apply a streamline-based algorithm that is similar to the Pollock algorithm common in field-scale reservoir simulation, but which employs a novel semi-analytic formulation near solid boundaries to capture, with sub-grid resolution, the variation in velocity near the grains. A random walk method accounts for molecular diffusion. The streamline-based algorithm is validated by comparison with published results for Taylor-Aris dispersion in a single capillary with a square cross-section. We then accurately predict available experimental data in the literature for longitudinal dispersion coefficient as a function of Peclet number. We introduce a characteristic length based on ratio of volume to pore/grain surface area that can be used for consolidated porous media to calculate Peclet number. Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers.
AU - Mostaghimi,P
AU - Bijeljic,B
AU - Blunt,MJ
EP - 4448
PY - 2010///
SP - 4430
TI - Simulation of flow and dispersion on pore-space images
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