Manipulations of the natural world to understand the mechanics of ecosystems

fieldworkWe have particular world-leading expertise, facilities and opportunities for ecological experimentation.  Examples include microcosm experiments conducted in a well-equipped microbial laboratory, mesocosm pond experiments in the UK’s largest such facility, and landscape-scale forest fragmentation experiments at the SAFE Project that encompass thousands of hectares.  Laboratory and field experiments are backed up by strength in biological computing and the construction of virtual experiments through ecological simulations. 

Example projects 
The mesocosms project  Assessing the impact of environmental stressors on freshwater ecosystems, using 95 large ponds
 SAFE project The Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) Project is conducting one of the world’s largest ecological experiments to understand the myriad ways in which logging, deforestation and forest fragmentation modify the functioning of tropical rainforest, impair their ability to deliver ecosystem services that people care about, and reduce their capacity to support the diversity of life.
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