Tailoring nanopore surface for enhancing sensitivity and selectivity of single-molecule detection

LiangLiang focuses on functionalization of nanopore surface with different artificial receptors for achieving single-molecule detection using nanopores with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity, by using a wide range of host-guest interactions on the surface nanopores.

Moreover, he is also interested in exploring the field of nanoelectronics and single-molecule electrochemistry by coupling nanopore sensing with nano-electrochemistry.

His expertise lies in electrochemistry, surface modification, and the biophysics of DNA and proteins.


Oct 2016-Now: PhD in single-molecule biosensing
Supervisor: Prof Joshua Edel and Dr. Alex Ivanov

Oct 2011-June2016: MSci Chemistry with a Year in Industry, awarded First class degree.
Final year project: A single-molecule switchable sensing tool by combining nanopores and field-effect transistors

July 2014-Sep 2015: Industrial placement at Schlumberger (Cambridge, UK), working on developing corrosion inhibitors during oil extraction and production processes.


Xue L, Cadinu P, Paulose Nadappuram B,
Kang M, Ma Y, Korchev Y, Ivanov AP, Edel JB, 2018, Gated Single-Molecule Transport in Double-Barreled Nanopores., ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, Vol: 10, Pages: 38621-38629