thank you projected on the EEE buildingThe Department's awards help us recognise and say ‘thank-you' to our brilliant colleagues. The next round of nominations will be announced June 2020.

A call will be circulated for nominations twice a year, once in early November and again in May. Nominations will be considered by a review committee. All staff members can nominate their colleagues twice a year, for awards in the following categories:

Teamwork award

This award is to recognise a team effort in the Department. A ‘team’ must include 3 or more people. These people can be a team from across the departmental job structure e.g. a team pulling together to create a breakthrough in a research area, a team working together in innovation in teaching, or a team creating an environment of positive support and collaboration.

Colleague appreciation ‘pass it on’ award

This is in recognition of staff who make a particular effort and go out of their way to help and support their colleagues. This could be a one off event i.e. going above and beyond what is expected to make their colleagues life easier, or a sustained effort to create a positive and happy environment. Staff outside the Department can be nominated for this award.

Collaboration award

This award is to recognise cross-team, cross-departmental and even cross-faculty collaborations, such as new research initiatives, pedagogy transformation, setting up new interdisciplinary research groups or administrative/technical initiatives such as devising more efficient ways of working, sharing best practice etc.

Inspiration award

This is to nominate a colleague who has inspired you throughout the year, either through the activities they have carried out at work or outside of department life, or their ability to juggle demands in both. This could be anything from their dedication and passion for a particular cause i.e. equality, diversity, climate change, or their leadership on a project/across a new team, or the positivity that they bring to the Department. The criteria is that they must have inspired you in some way to do things better/differently/push yourself further.