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We welcome questions, feedback and suggestions — please contact Department Champions Jeremy Pitt, Anna McCormick or a member of the Committee

Each department in the Faculty of Engineering has its own Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee. The committee's work is guided by the Imperial College EDI Strategy and Imperial College Values and Behaviours.

Terms of Reference

  1. To actively engage students and staff with maintaining and developing a culture that supports a good work life balance that is supportive and respectful of all.
  2. To act as a conduit for disseminating information and gathering feedback.
  3. To identify potential equality, diversity and departmental culture issues.
  4. To develop proposed actions that address equality and diversity issues faced by the department.
  5. To act as the Athena Swan self - assessment team.
  6. To oversee delivery of the Athena Swan action plan.

Our Athena SWAN Action Plan

To ensure that we have full equality of opportunity for female and male staff and students, over the next four years we will
  • monitor staff and student data, to ensure that any gender inequalities and unconscious biases are highlighted as early as possible
  • promote the benefits of flexible working arrangements, support for maternity, paternity and adoptive leave, and career breaks
  • improve our recruitment processes including advertising and shortlisting
  • improve career development and promotion opportunities across all job families, ensuring that women do not experience barriers to success
  • increase representation of women in the department, promote our women's society and invite women speakers, ensure more women are represented on department committees
  • ensure the communication of our Athena SWAN goals and provide regular formal progress updates

Committee Membership

  • Chair and Department Champion: Jeremy Pitt
  • Department Champion: Anna McCormick
  • Professor: Esther Rodriguez-Villegas
  • Professor: Eric Yeatman - Head of Department
  • Professor: Eric Kerrigan (also sits on Faculty of Engineering EDCC)
  • Reader: Christos Bouganis
  • Lecturer: Dan Goodman
  • Professional Services: Alice Ashley-Smith
  • Professional Services: Lina Brazinskaite
  • Professional Services: Kay Hancox
  • Teaching Fellow: Ed Stott
  • College Athena Coordinator: Rob Bell
  • In attendance: Jane Horrell - EEE Comms Officer
  • Undergraduate student representatives: EESoc President, Women in EE Society President
  • Postgraduate student representatives: Al-Amin Bugaje, Kate Highnam
  • The Committee may choose to co-opt additional members.

Committee membership aims to include representation from academic staff, teaching staff, professional, techical and operational staff, postdocs, undergraduates, and postgraduates. The committee is represented on the Faculty of Engineering Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee (FEDCC)