How are you doing?

Dalby Court during shutdown
Quiet campus: College photographer Thomas Angus took this picture of our building in the glorious spring sunshine on May 4th

While we're living, working and studying away from College, we would love to fill this page with snapshots of our EEE community.

Maybe you're doing some volunteer activity, finding time for a creative hobby, celebrating a special event, or trying out challenging new recipies.

Perhaps you need some motivation, or you've top tips for cutting hair, or you'd just like to share some of the small, everyday, positive things that are helping you through these unusual days.

Staff and students, please email your photos, your videos, anything, to Jane Horrell, and we'll share them here and on social media* via #EEECommunity

* If your photos include other people, you must have their permission to share, or the permission of their parent/guardian if under 18.

Community calendar
Take care of yourself 

Staff Wellbeing Day in EEE. We will be allocating Friday 17 July as the Wellbeing Day for our Department. This day should be used as an opportunity for all staff to focus on their health and wellbeing, as a chance to catch up on professional development and training activities.

Imaperial as One Coffee Morning 

Every Monday: Imperial As One coffee mornings Join online (Teams Link) 10:00–10:45. 

Find out more about Imperial As One, Imperial College London’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Staff Network

Candles burning 

A time for remembrance during the pandemic Every Friday this term at 12.30-12:45. A quiet reflective time, with poems, a two-minute silence, a reading of names to be remembered and a short meditation for loving kindness. Led by the Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Team.

Conected on teams

Every weekday: Imperial College Support at Home Calendar.

A daily programme of classes, webinars, workouts, meet-ups and more.

Zoom class

Saturday Morning Circuit Training: Lina is holding circuit training sessions on Zoom with her rowing club while they can't get on the water.

Staff are very welcome to join - contact Lina for details.
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Cat watching Emma do yoga

Cat pose?

Emma's cats sometimes join her during Teams meetings, but also like to assist with yoga classes..

Cat sitting on a jigsaw

Cat nap

... fall asleep on her jigsaw puzzles..

Cat on an exercise mat in the garden


.. and supervise her outdoor exercise.

Thank you for sharing, Emma!

Kay and Danny

Chalet Girls books and Lake Achensee

Austrian adventures?

Kay has returned to school - The Chalet School on the beautiful "Tiernsee" (Achensee in real life). She went there two years ago, and everything is just as described in the books: the lake, the ferry, the train, the cakes with featherbeds of whipped cream!

Lina's cycling photography

London Eye

An eye for London

Stunning pictures from around the city taken by Lina while out cycling..

Albert Bridge at night

Name that bridge...

A gorgeous sunset over the Thames — but which bridge is this?

Clue: it's named after someone significant to Imperial's history.

Giraffes at ZSL Londoon Zoo with a Love NHS sign

We love Zoo, NHS

The Giraffe House at London Zoo is lit up with a 'Love NHS' sign.

Faye 1

Growing rainbow experiment with kitchen paper

Home science

Faye's children have been using art materials for colourful experiments. This rainbow was 'grown' using water and felt-tipped pens...

Hair dye

The Method

.. and this is the "tissue-paper hack" method for creating beautiful dip-dyed hair using only hot water, tissue paper and salt.

results - purple hair

The Results

We think you'll agree this is a result that is really worth publishing!

Clare and Esther - gardening

Clare's allotment

Growth industry

Clare's allotment was a muddy field of weeds, after a lot of hard work it's now a smart layout of six raised beds made from scaffolding boards with bark chip paths between. A local family of fox cubs also enjoy playing here in the sun.

Esther's vegetables

Growth industry (2)

Esther started growing these from seed in first weekend of lockdown and they are now ready to go into the garden. She's keen to take advantage of working from home and being in London for the summer to grow some flavoursome home grown tomatoes. The other pots are aubergines, basil and parsley.

Lina, Tim, Jane

Lina's rowers on Zoom


Lina has been running Zoom circuit training sessions on Saturday mornings for her rowing club, while they can't meet on the water. EEE staff are welcome to join in apparently!

Tim at the Ouse Valley Viaduct

Southern Rail

Tim needs no excuse to get outside and inspect some of his favourite transport architecture. This is the impressive Ouse Valley Viaduct. Follow him on Twitter @OtherProfGreen

Lilac painting, and a real life photo

Still life

Jane's "very lazy" entry for the #GettyMuseumChallenge, where people attempt recreations of artworks from things they can find at home. 'Lilacs in a Window' by Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt.

Paul and Woody

Workbench 1

Joining in

Paul has been trying out his joinery skills while away from the Department. Here's a saw station...

Workbench 2

Joining in (part two)

..and a potting station...