Updates and information for EEE students

Last updated: 13 August 2020

College policy and guidance: 

Latest College COVID-19 guidance for students including policy and guidance documents including:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • Teaching in Autumn Term. Find out more about multi-mode delivery and how we are planning to teach your modules in October.

Examinations, teaching and research

Online assessments in August 2020

Latest update 21 July 2020


FAQs on EEE remote assessments

Your FAQs on remote assessments in EEE answered by our Education Team

Instructions for taking the EEE remote assessments

Please read these two guidance documents carefully - and make sure you are prepared for the remote assessments.

Remember:  Be prepared, test your scanning methods out beforehand, remember that uploading takes time, if you do have problems — contact us and record evidence.

A reminder about cheating and collusion

You must not confer with fellow students or any other individuals during the exam. We trust you. However, if there is a concern that you have not followed the code of conduct expected, the College has a range of options at its disposal. The College reserves its right to impose additional forms of assessment including individual student vivas, if required. These may also be used to assist the examiners and the Boards of Examiners in assuring that the assessment process has been conducted fairly and in accordance with the agreed marking schemes. You are reminded that if we become aware of proposed or evidenced actions for collusion that such allegations will be reported and investigated in accordance with the College’s Academic Misconduct Procedure.

Imperial College policy

MSc projects and coursework


Please see the Assessments section in the links above.

Please be informed completing coursework in the labs will not be necessary. Module leaders have changed their marking criteria in order to accommodate non-completion of hardware, or have postponed the deadline for coursework submission. Please see email updates from your module leader.


Your supervisor will contact you regarding completion of projects.

The project assessment will take place remotely on Teams 7-10th September. More information can be found on the main Project website.

PhD students

If you need access to department premises, unless you are part of the two week trial reopening of laboratories from (11 May), you will need to apply to Professor Yeatman for permission, with justification. There will have to be a specific and strong reason (e.g. to collect some item that could not be collected earlier). He will not be able to give consent to allow you to carry on your research in the department’s laboratories, even if the this will seriously impact your work. We will work together to find ways to work productively under these exceptional constraints.

Please contact your supervisor/co-supervisor in order to put in place the necessary arrangements that would allow you to work remotely. We are working with the Faculty to discuss available options for PhD students, and will email you as soon as we have more information, so please look out for updates.