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Last update 5 April 2022

As the last of the pandemic related restrictions have lifted, we have made a number of changes to building operations in the Department.

We’ve now removed the last of our Department specific COVID-19 building measures, such as room capacity limits, and all of the guidance related to testing, sickness absence and building operations is in line with College guidance.

Keeping stafe and protecting others

Although we’re making these changes, it’s also important to remember that coronavirus hasn’t disappeared and there will be colleagues within our community for whom coronavirus is a health concern. Therefore, we’re asking everyone to continue to follow the most recent College guidance and take the following actions to keep themselves and others safe. This includes:

  • Continue good hygiene - wash hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes
  • Get vaccinated
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of respiratory disease
  • Respect others' personal space
  • Wear face coverings in crowded areas

Staff who have underlying health issues which makes them clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 infection can ask their manager to talk them through the measures taken to control risk in their area.

Individual risk assessments can be carried out where appropriate and please contact Zia Rahman z.rahman@imperial.ac.uk  if you need support with this. Occupational Health accepts referrals from managers for employees who have concerns about their personal medical vulnerability after reviewing the risk assessment.

Testing for Coronavirus

Staff and students no longer need to take regular COVID tests before coming onto campus. A limited number of PCR tests will remain available from South Kensington available on a first come, first served basis and Fit to Fly service will remain through this scheme.

LFD tests are no longer provided by the College. Students living in College halls of residence can request an LFD test kit from their halls team if they display COVID symptoms. Students living in College halls of residence should continue to report any COVID-19 positive test results via MyImperial. Other students and staff no longer need to report positive test results to the College.  Tracing services through the CCT Hub have ended.

Positive Coronavirus cases

If you suspect you have coronavirus, you should test and let your line manager know. Positive cases will be managed through the usual sickness absence procedure and should be reported on Teamseer using the ‘sick-coronavirus’ category. Coronavirus related absence logged in this way may not be taken into account under the College’s sickness absence management triggers.


All travel requests should continue to be approved through the Head of Group before travel takes place

Room restrictions

There will no longer be room restrictions in any of our department rooms. We ask people to take sensible precautions such as opening windows and holding meetings outside where the weather permits. CO2 monitors will remain functioning collecting data, and will be continue to be monitored next term, but we will not setting limits on CO2 levels.


Events can resume, and there is no longer a need for separate risk assessments.

Face Coverings

We encourage staff and students to wear face coverings whilst in crowded spaces. We will continue to provide face coverings through our Stores and in lecture theatres, along with hand sanitising stations.