Digital Recording Policy

The Digital Education Recording Policy aims to support College staff to facilitate the practical and responsible recording of lectures, providing students with a high-quality educational experience. The policy also aims to provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of the College, its staff and its students, external visiting lecturers and any other participants in recorded teaching.

Guidance notes and Policy

Blackboard Ally - new accessibility tool in Blackboard

Blackboard Ally focuses on making digital content in Blackboard Learn more accessible for all staff and students. It assesses the accessibility of content and provides a report with guidance for instructors to improve course accessibility.

Blackboard Ally also converts course materials into alternative formats, allowing students to choose which format is most appropriate for them to access. For example, an HTML version for improved reading on mobile phones, electronic braille, or an MP3 for an audio version.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft Cloud service that allows College to create 'Cloud computers' that both students and staff can access using their personal device and an internet connection. 

Remote and multi-mode teaching guides

  • Remote teaching with Teams from campus (Multi-mode Synchronous) – PDF guide
  • Remote teaching with Teams from home (Remote Synchronous) – PDF guide
  • Remote teaching students in a EEE teaching room from home – PDF guide
  • Managing Meeting Permissions on Teams - PDF guide
  • Panopto pre-recording video advice (Asynchronous):
  1. Panopto screencast tips - Video guide
  2. Panopto Personal for pre-recording – Video guide
  3. Learn about the video editor – Video guide

`If you need additional help, please contact Zohaib Akhtar, Senior Teaching Fellow.

Team-based learning

Giordano Scarciotti has produced some video guides which you may find useful. 

In the third video, he shares his experience of TBL in remote learning.

  1. A short guide to TBL for EEE: Basic Principles
  2. A short guide to TBL for EEE: A Practical Implementation (physical)
  3. A short guide to TBL for EEE: A Remote Implementation