Room to inspire

Choosing to come to Imperial will continue to give our students the opportunity to engage directly with leading researchers - and in the future, new forms of teaching will increase those opportunities.

Students in lecture theatre

Currently the main component of our teaching is through formal lectures, supported by laboratories and small class teaching. We expect that the lecture component as a means of delivering information will reduce in the coming years, allowing the freedom for lectures to return to fulfilling a more inspirational role.

Online resources and other technology-driven modes of learning, applied when appropriate, will free up time in the classroom for more direct interacton with staff.

The new teaching spaces must be able to take into account our current needs, while permitting smooth transitions into the future. For example, the Department has one main lecture theatre that has served us well since the last refurbishment more than 20 years ago - for Xeper, we will explore creating a more flexible second lecture theatre, adaptable for group work.

Lecture theatre example
A lecture theatre configured for group work