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AB - The Hybrid MMC, comprising a mixture of fullbridgeand half-bridge sub-modules, provides tolerance to DCfaults without compromising the efficiency of the converter to alarge extent. The inclusion of full-bridges creates a new freedomover the choice of ratio of AC to DC voltage at which theconverter is operated, with resulting impact on the converter’sinternal voltage, current and energy deviation waveforms, allof which impact the design of the converter. A design methodaccounting for this, and allowing the required level of deratingof nominal sub-module voltage and up-rating of stackvoltage capability to ensure correct operation at the extremes ofthe operating envelope is presented. A mechanism is identifiedfor balancing the peak voltage that the full-bridge and halfbridgesub-modules experience over a cycle. Comparisons aremade between converters designed to block DC side faultsand converters that also add STATCOM capability. Resultsindicate that operating at a modulation index of 1.2 gives agood compromise between reduced power losses and additionalrequired sub-modules and semiconductor devices in the converter.The design method is verified against simulation results and theoperation of the converter at the proposed modulation index isdemonstrated at laboratory-scale.
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