Updated: 19 August 2020

How will your classes be delivered?

In 2020-21, all our teaching will be delivered in multi-mode format.

Multi-mode simply means a combination of on-campus (in-person)  teaching and remote (online) teaching. If you are not able to travel to campus you will be able to access a remote alternative for any in-person activities, and will not be disadvantaged in your learning experience.

Depending on official government guidance during the whole of this academic year, the balance in the multi-mode offering may be subject to change. We hope to be able to offer you increased on-campus learning activities throughout the year.

Teaching modes

There are three basic modes of teaching delivery:

  • Multi-mode: Timetabled, live classes. You can choose to attend in person or stream online.
  • Remote synchronous: Timetabled classes streamed live, online-only.
  • Remote asynchronous: Pre-recorded for watching online in your own time

You can find the latest information on individual subject modules and how we expect them to be delivered in the curriculum catalogue.  EIE3 and EIE4 students please note that the information for Computing modules is currently being checked and modules may not run in the term shown.

Read more about our teaching modes

Multi-mode / combination

For these live timetabled classes the module leader will be present, and the class will also be streamed live for those unable to attend in person.

In these classes there will be a maximum of 30 students in attendance in person, with social distancing of 2m, and face coverings to be worn.

Staff will wear face coverings and face shields according to guidance.

If you wish to attend in person you will need to book your place via the booking system app.

These classes will also be recorded on MS Teams.

Supporting problem-solving classes will be multi-mode or remote synchronous.

Remote synchronous - live online

These classes will be delivered remotely via streaming on MS Teams.

Classes will be timetabled, but with no teaching room assigned.

The module leader will teach the class from home or from a small room in the department.

These classes will be recorded on MS Teams.

Supporting problem classes will be multi-mode or remote synchronous.

Remote asynchronous - pre-recorded, watch any time

The module leader will pre-record the class for you to watch in your own time, by a pre-set deadline.

Supporting problem classes will be remote synchronous.

Arrangements for practical labs

We will make sure that students who cannot attend in person are not disadvantaged, by providing all students with a Lab-in-a-Box kit and the same software, so you can work on the same experiments together, wherever you are.

If you wish to attend in person you will need to book your place via the booking system app. 

Social distancing of 2m and face coverings to be worn.

Staff will wear face coverings, and face shields if in close contact during demonstrations.

Practical work (Years 3 and 4)

Laboratory work that is normally done in the department will run in a multi-mode setting. Where applicable all students will receive a lab-in-a-box that will contain all tools for the experiment. Where a lab-in-a-box is not feasible the alternatives implemented are one of the following: a remotely controlled lab, a fully virtual lab or simulations.


Timetabled classes

All classes will be timetabled between 09:00 and 15:00 UK time. (Currently UTC+1. After Sunday 25 October, UTC+0)

On campus provision

All on campus provision will be subject to the requirements of the current Public Health advice from the UK Government, College guidelines on social distancing and any additional health and safety measures. In the event that there is an escalation of the current outbreak or a new outbreak of COVID-19 during your programme then, in line with Public Health Advice from the UK Government, we may be forced to suspend on-campus activity. In the event of suspension of on-campus activity, in-person activities will be delivered to all students remotely/as a remote alternative that provides the same learning outcomes.

EIE3 and EIE4

EIE Computing modules

The Department of Computing will be delivering all teaching activities throughout the year (Autumn, Spring and Summer terms)  in a format that supports remote learning.   

  • All the taught modules will include live online sessions allowing Q&A and interaction with the lecturers. 
  • All supervised lab sessions will be conducted online. Face-to-face supervision of lab sessions will be considered only when it is safe to do so. 
  • All pastoral care and personal tutor meetings will be provided online. In some cases, it may be possible for such meetings to be arranged on campus, in which case full details will be provided at the time. 
  • All departmental and relevant multi-disciplinary seminars, with expert internal and external speakers, as well as all presentations by guests from industry, will be delivered online.  

Where possible, and subject to Health and Safety guidelines on campus, the labs, student common room and lecture theatres will be open and available for you to use for socialising, self-study and to participate in the remote teaching activities listed above. 


  • COMP97057 Quantum Computing will not run
  • COMP96019 Robotics has moved to the Spring term


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