Aims and objectives

  • to provide regular and effective pastoral support and advice for students
  • to ensure that students understand the fundamentals of the subjects taught, and deal with any academic problems encountered
  • to monitor the progress and attendance of students as part of the ‘early warning system' which aims to identify students showing signs of difficulty
  • to help students work in a disciplined manner and promote responsibility for their own learning
  • to obtain formal and informal feed back about courses
  • to promote discussion about wider aspects of the subject of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • to improve students' verbal communication skills


Each student is assigned as a personal tutee to a member of academic teaching staff. Personal Tutorial groups are one hour sessions, timetabled at two week intervals throughout the first and second year of the EEE and EIE courses. Students of EIE are placed with tutors who have the most relevant experience of the particular technical requirements of this course. Attendance at tutorials is compulsory. Tutorials are held in groups of 3 or 4, but students are also encouraged to seek additional help from their tutor on an individual basis when required.

At the start of each of the upper years students see a tutor for a compulsory course advice tutorial. The aim of this meeting is to ensure that the student has given proper consideration to the number and choice of optional courses, taking account of their abilities. It also serves to remind them that they still have a personal point of contact throughout these years in place of timetabled tutorial meetings. In addition, tutors are asked to make contact with their tutees again in January to enquire about progress and confirm their Spring Term programme.

It is intended that the relationships built up over the early years continue on an informal basis through the student's upper years, and a student may contact his or her personal tutor to discuss any academic or personal difficulties they may have. For students in their final year a further layer of support and monitoring may be provided by their final year project supervisor. He or she should ensure they pass on any evidence of a student who fails to meet deadlines and is falling behind.

Students may also seek help and advice from the Education Office team, Senior Tutor or relevant year organiser.