6 month placement in industry

The third year of our MEng degrees is structured to include a six month industrial placement as part of your degree.  You organise your own placement with assistance from us, and the placement can be anywhere in the world.  These extensive placements run from April to September, allowing you to tackle significant industrial projects that help develop skills in solving real engineering problems, and provide valuable experience of engineering as it is really practised.

Benjamin worked with Imagination and learnt that "legible code is very important.  Code should be cleanly formatted with sensible variable names, with added comments to describe its current operation.  When working as part of a team, the code one engineer write is only a fraction of the total product.  Clean codes makes the handover of projects much easier.  It allows the next engineer to work on the project immediate, instead of spending extra time to study the code".

Jack worked with BBOXX on a Smart Solar Server.  He says "I was given a lot of responsibility during my time as I was allowed plenty of control over my individual projects.  All the projects I was given were critical to the business operation.  This was daunting at first but meant that I felt like an integral part of the engineering department and the company"