3rd year Industrial Placement

The third year of our MEng degree is structured to include a six month industrial placement as part of your degree (as an alternative to an internal project). The placement runs from April to September, allowing you to tackle significant industrial projects that help develop skills in solving real engineering problems, and provide invaluable experience of engineering as it is really practised.

The industrial placement is supervised by a member of staff from the company you will be working for and a member of staff from the Department. The placement must be related to your degree in technical, business or commercial content. Department staff will help you set and agree objectives for your placement.  The placement is assessed by a preliminary and final report, presentation and employer report.

To help you find a placement the Department provides support in the form of direct talks with companies, industrial fairs that allow you to meet companies, workshops to enhance your CV, and by advertisements for internships.

Alternatively you can do a group project (6-8 people) during the summer term.  Your group will act as technical consultant to a brief provided by an industrial client.  The project will involve the specification, design, implementation and testing of a pre-production prototype of a new product or technical solution. Recent projects have included smart energy monitoring for distribution substations and interactive mathematics games for children.