The Electron Microscopy Centre comprises a state-of-the-art TEM/SEM infrastructure for macromolecular and cellular microscopy at room and cryo-temperatures.

The centre also has a sample preparation laboratory where users have the option to stain their samples or freeze their samples in vitrified ice using robotic plung freezer.  There is also glow discharger, carbon coater, carbon floating bath.  The facility also has Vitrobot for sample vitrification and several cryo transfer holders (e.g Gatan 626 and 914) with and without high tilt capabilities for tomography and single particle data collection, respectively.


Want to use the facility for your research project?

  • Imperial College investigators/groups within the Department of Life Science, please register here on our PPMS booking system for access to the facility.
  • All other Imperial College or external interested parties, please contact the Facility Manager to discuss your project and the options available to you to access the facility.

Transmission Electron Microscopes in the Centre

TEM - Tecnai F20 G2 (FEG)


200kV cryo-transmission electron microscope (TEM) use for high resolution structural analysis (single particle and tomography) of protein complexes and cell membrane specimens, using a variety of applications and acquisition software to generate the images and data collections.  This microscope also has an automated LN2 filling robot to allow over-night cryo-tomography data collections.gug


  • CMOS 16 megapixel 'Direct Electron Detector' (Falcon II)
  • CCD 2K camera (Gatan Orius SC200)


  • SPA (Single particle analyses) - EPU automated data collection
  • Cryo-tomography - Leginon automated data collection
  • Diffraction


  • EPU
  • Leginon (cryoET)
  • Serial EM - Data acquisition software (to be installed)
  • Digital Micrograph - Orius camera software
  • TIA


  • Gatan 626 cryo-holder
  • Gatan 914 tomography holder

TEM - Phillips CM200 TWIN (FEG)


This is one of our older 200kV TEM with Schottky field emitter, zirconiated tungsten (FEG), used for general high resolution screening for both cryo and non-cryo specimens.  Newly installed CMOS 4K fast frame camera allows you to perform a spotscan (automated tiled data collection) for initial 2D classification on negative stained samples.CM200


  • *NEW* CMOS 4K fast frame camera (TVIPS XF416)


  • Spotscan (automated tiled collection)
  • Bright field imaging
  • Low dose (CryoEM)
  • Diffraction


  • EMmunu4


  • 626 Gatan cryo-holder
  • Single tilt holder

FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN


This 120kV TEM is a popular microscope use prodominantly for negative stain screening and training.  It's also cryo-capable.spirit


  • FEI 2K eagle camera
  • LAB6 (standard 90 degrees)
  • TIA
  • Low Dose (CryoEM)

Tecnai T12 twin (LAB6)


This 120kV twin lens microscope is used for cryo-TEM screening with 626 holder for checking vitreous ice thickness, contamination, particle concentration and conformation. t12


  • CCD camera (F216, TVIPS)
  • Leginon data collection.
  • EMMenu 4
  • LAB6 filament (60 degrees)
  • Low Dose option
  • Gatan 626 cryo-holder
  • Cryo-TEM screening