The wide range of energy research being done at Imperial College London is not confined to one discipline or department. There is work being done in almost every part of the college and through many collaborations between different faculties. Energy Futures Lab is dedicated to supporting these researchers and helping them work together and make the best of the myriad of opportunities open to them.

Energy Futures Lab uses five thematic areas to identify and organise the breadth of energy research at Imperial College London, Policy and InnovationEnergy Infrastructure, Sustainable Power, Low Carbon Transport and Clean Fossil Fuels.

The five research themes

Policy and Innovation

There is a lot of research going on at the College examining the new energy service propositions and the regulatory and policy framework required to direct investment to transform our systems. We collect these under the Policy and Innovation research theme and the institute relies on this expertise to lead a series of policy briefing documents.

Energy infrastructure

The Energy Infrastructure theme is centred on multi-physics, multi-scale modelling of energy systems and energy systems integration. It is also includes research on integrating technologies such as smart grids, energy storage and cross-vector conversion. We collect these under the Energy Infrastructure research theme.

Sustainable Power

Low carbon energy has already grown to a significant fraction of electricity generation in many nations but the imperative remains to improve performance and drive down cost. Imperial has a rich portfolio of basic and applied research in a wide range technologies giving us a diverse portfolio relevant to all regions of the world. We collect these under the Sustainable Power research theme.

Low-carbon Cities and Transport

Imperial recognises that innovation in the use of energy within the built environment and within transport systems is needed to make deep reductions in carbon emissions. The College’s expertise includes electric and hybrid vehicles, transport use modelling and low-carbon heat. We collect these under the Low Carbon Cities and Transport research theme.

Clean Fossil Fuels

The College recognise that fossil fuel use will continue to be significant for some time but must transform through the carbon capture technologies and carbon storage technologies for which Imperial is a leading research centre with significant industrial funding. We collect these under the Clean Fossil Fuels research theme.