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A new podcast from IDLES and Energy Futures Lab explores how Imperial College research is helping to build a sustainable energy system. Low Carbon Conversations, hosted by electrical engineering PhD student Cormac O’Malley, delves into the challenges and opportunities facing different sectors as they strive to decarbonise and examines the roles clean energy technologies and resources like offshore wind, solar power and hydrogen are playing.


packed bed thermal storesA new international review of bulk electricity storage technologies highlights the potential of thermo-mechanical energy storageThe research, published open access in Progress in Energy, examines recent progress in the advancement of a range of TMES technologies, including compressed-air energy storage, liquid-air energy storage and pumped-thermal electricity storage.


Offshore wind farm

Offshore wind power now so cheap it could pay money back to consumers – read about an analysis led by IDLES researcher Dr Malte Jansen and published in Nature Energy 



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How do we prepare the UK for a zero-carbon future? The IDLES team explored the challenge in an article for school students published with Futurum Careers magazine.