One of the key missions for Energy Futures Lab is to ensure that research in sustainable energy at Imperial College London informs, and is informed by, industry. As part of the institute's work in this area the team proactively develops and manages business relationships with a wide range of partners in the private sector.

Imperial’s world class research offers exciting opportunities for collaboration and engagement in an innovative environment. Energy Futures Lab's workplan supports the development of this strategic research collaborations between business and Imperial, with a particular emphasis on cross-departmental and solution-focussed energy research programmes. This is supported by the college's Corporate Partnerships team, which helps to grow these relationships on both a national and international level.

Imperial College London and Energy Futures Lab offer several ways of collaborating with industry:

Industry interactions

Collaborative research

Energy Futures Lab and Imperial College London aims to build research collaborations between academics and industry that add value to partners and drive forward the success of the Energy Futures Lab's multidisciplinary research activities. These projects bring together the real-world challenges being faced by businesses with academics' curiosity and research vigour. We offer access to cutting-edge research in a range of energy related areas from clean fossil fuels to policy and innovation, fostering connections between business’s interests and our research expertise.

The Corporate Partnerships team can help companies to:

  • Set up new research collaborations
  • Connect to expertise in translation and knowledge transfer
  • Explore research themes and identify the right people to work on specific problems
  • Develop relationships with academics
  • Optimise the terms and shape of a particular collaboration
  • Deliver an output from a collaboration through effective account management and ongoing support

If you are interested in collaborating with our outstanding researchers, we offer exceptional and compelling opportunities for engagement, and look forward to talking with you.


Sponsorship of various Energy Futures Lab's activities are available to our industrial partners. Being involved as a sponsor can provide intimate access to the energy community at Imperial, with the ability to gain market insights and technology forecasts from world leaders in the energy research field.

Each sponsorship deal is tailored for the needs of the individual company. This can include one-off sponsorship of student activities to a long term deal providing a unique connection with the cutting edge work being done at Imperial.

To learn more about what Energy Futures Lab can offer sponsors see the details of our sponsorship packages.


Energy Futures Lab has access to a wide variety of experts within Imperial College London. We work with our colleagues in Imperial Consultants who offer an independent, confidential service to advise on energy issues related to engineering, science, policy or business. Each agreement is tailored to the individual company's needs, and will draw on the latest research from experts in the field.