Events in 2010

17-18 March - Bloomberg new energy finance summit (Professor Nigel Brandon spoke at this event)

28 April - Solar network symposium (hosted by our solar research network)

27 May 2010 - Processing and characterisation of yttria stabilized zirconia coatings on metal substrates (Professor Ping Xiao, Materials Science Center, University of Manchester)

2 June 2010 - Guest Lecture (Dr Ellen Williams, BP Chief Scientist)

17 September 2010 - Gert Jan Kramer

Events in 2009

19 February - Non-fossil based methods for hydrogen production (PDF) (Professor Marc Rosen, Engineering Institute of Canada)

3 March - Clean power from deserts (PDF) (Dr Gerry Wolff, DESERTEC-UK)

4 March - Carbon capture and storage workshop for government and industry professionals

9 March - Carbide-derived carbons for energy applications (PDF) (Professor Yury Gogotsi, Drexel University)

26 March - The zero race: Around the world in 80 days (PDF) (Louis Palmer, Solar Taxi)

1 April - The energy aware home (PDF) (Pilgrim Beart, Alert Me), PDF of the presentation

27 May - Sustainability in the built environment (PDF) (Rob Buckley)

5 June - UK-Japanese collaboration in next-generation energy and environmental technologies

29 June - Sustainable Future (PDF) (Robert Sansom, EDF Energy)

6-7 July - Light energy for a brighter future: the Weizmann UK 2009 Making Connections Symposium

16 July - Oil and gas and the future of the world energy mix (PDF) (Dr Bernard Montaron, Schlumberger)

12 October - Solar to fuels and back again (PDF) a one day Energy Futures Lab meeting

4 November - launch of the Energy Futures Lab as an Institute of Imperial College London