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Element Energy is a specialist energy consultancy, with an excellent reputation for insightful analysis in the area of low carbon energy.

Our key vision statement is to see net zero carbon achieved as rapidly as needed to avoid damage to human and environmental well-being:

  • By bringing rigorous analysis and sharp insight for key decision makers
  • By being prepared to tackle complex questions using expertise across the most carbon intensive sectors
  • By initiating zero-carbon projects with the right scale and ambition
  • By working on a complete portfolio of technologies and societal solutions which are required for deep decarbonisation.

 Element Energy work across all major low carbon energy sectors, including:

  1. Built Environment
  2. CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
  3. Energy Networks
  4. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
  5. Low carbon transport
  6. Smart Energy Systems

We also coordinate many low carbon energy projects through our Project Management team.

Since its formation in 2003, Element Energy has gathered a team of experts based in the UK, France and Australia. The following founding principles are key elements of our work:

  • We bring together smart, dedicated people to solve the problem of climate change
  • We create a large lever to affect this change by being Consultants
  • We ensure our analysis is fully evidence based and provide grounded advice on what is really needed to achieve the change to zero carbon energy systems
  • We focus on enabling technological, social and policy solutions to the problem of climate change
  • We believe that to solve the climate change problem there is a need to develop a critical set of technologies to the point where they can be deployed to the mainstream.

Our clients include government departments, local government, NGOs, FTSE100 companies, technology startups and cleantech SMEs throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. 

We design and develop our approach to projects in partnership with our clients. We adopt a flexible way of working with them, responding to new questions as they arise throughout projects. Our work has helped our clients make significant advances in their industries, while our enthusiasm and energy is noted by clients, who recognise the added value that this brings to their project.

Website: https://www.element-energy.co.uk

Deadlines for upcoming recruitment: Recruitment is ongoing, rolling, year round, open door policy.

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