As the hub for energy research at Imperial College London, Energy Futures Lab aims to stimulate the interchange of ideas across the College to tackle the major challenges in transforming our energy system.

We have appointed a series of Research Theme Leads and Champions to help us engage with the widest possible range of researchers and topics in the energy sector at the College. These individuals provide us with in-depth knowledge of people and work being done at the College and help formulate our strategy and activities.

Alongside this work they also help us build a sense of community within the College. They allow us to maintain Imperial’s healthy portfolio of energy research and provide us with a point of contact within their disciplines and research theme.

Within the Energy Infrastruture theme we have appointed the following people as our Theme Leads and Champions.

Professor Christos Markides - Research Theme Lead (Energy Infrastructure)

Dr Christos MarkidesProfessor Christos Markides has an MEng degree in Engineering and PhD in Energy Technologies, both from the University of Cambridge. He currently leads the Clean Energy Processes Laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

His research interests include:

  • Recovery, utilisation, conversion and storage of thermal energy for cooling, heating and power
  • Heat and fluid flows in energy systems, urban environments, physiological systems
  • Nuclear energy thermohydraulics and next-generation thermodynamic power systems
  • Thermal energy storage and large-scale electrical energy storage via thermal processes