Policy and Innovation

Policy and InnovationThere is a lot of research going on at the College examining the new energy service propositions and the regulatory and policy frameworks required to direct investment to transform our systems.

This work allows the College to shape energy policy and promote innovation by identifying issues relevant to future policymaking and analysing the evidence base for energy policies.

This is a selection of the projects going on in the area of Policy and Innovation at Imperial College London.

Electric Insights

Electric InsightsLed by Dr Iain Staffell of the Centre of Environmental PolicyElectric Insights is a quarterly analysis of how Britain generates its electricity while also providing insight into the raw data.

The reports look at the trends and events surrounding demand, power generation, wholesale energy prices, network issues and carbon emissions for that quarter. The work also includes a live website provding real-time information on Britain’s power system, with historic data spanning back over 7 years.

It was commissioned by Drax Group and began publishing in late-2016.



Renewables.ninja is a collaboration between Imperial College London and ETH Zurich.

It is an online tool that allows users to run simulations of the hourly power output from wind and solar power plants located anywhere in the world. The team built the tool to help make scientific-quality weather and energy data available to a wider community.

It is led by Dr Stefan Pfenninger of EH Zurich and Dr Iain Staffell of the Centre for Environmental Policy and alongside the wind and solar simulations has historic global temperature and rainfall data.


Energy Futures Lab Briefing Papers

Energy Futures Lab's Briefing Papers are periodic reports aimed at all stakeholders in the energy sector. They bring together expertise from across Imperial College London to provide clarity to a wide range of energy topics.

The work is coordinated by Dr Aidan Rhodes, Energy Futures Lab Research Fellow.

Policy reports

Energy Futures Lab works with experts from Imperial College London and externally to produce and publish reports, brieifng papers and policy repsones aimed at policy makers and other interested parties.

Energy Futures Lab reports & briefing papers.