As the hub for energy research at Imperial College London, Energy Futures Lab aims to stimulate the interchange of ideas across the College to tackle the major challenges in transforming our energy system.

Energy Futures Lab runs two networks that facilitate collaboration between PhD students and Early Career Researchers working on energy topics at Imperial. Both Networks aim to encourage and promote multidisciplinary interaction, broadening the scope of experience to enhance opportunities for researchers at Imperial.

Our Research Theme Leads and Champions help us build a sense of community within the College. They allow us to maintain Imperial’s healthy portfolio of energy research and provide us with a point of contact within their disciplines and research theme.

They are also responsible for a series of Research Networks, which have a tighter focus than our broad Research Themes. These networks run workshops, build collaborations and work together on funding proposals. They are normally driven by a Research Theme Lead or Champion to address a particular energy problem, research interest or funding call.

Offshore Renewable Energy Network

Led by Dr Rafael Palacios of the Department of Aeronautics, the Offshore Renewable Energy Network brings together researchers from across the College to address the challenges associated with large scale deployment of marine renewable energy.

The group includes expertise in a wide range of disciplines and departments. Their interests include tidal energy generation, offshore wind farm modelling, turbine design, high voltage transmission and the civil engineering of building offshore structures.