The Engineered Medicines Laboratory (EML) is a unique collaboration between the global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Imperial College that aims to develop transformative advances in the discovery, development and manufacturing of future medicines.

The objective of the EML is to define, and reduce to practice, experiments that can use an engineering thought process to better understand biological matters.  With this in mind, the scientific teams assembled are at their heart cross-disciplinary, bringing together engineers, material scientists, physiologists, physicists, pharmacologists and clinicians to design rationally engineered solutions to critical medical problems.

The projects mark the first convergence of a medical faculty in the UK with engineering-led solutions.  For GSK the partnership represents the potential to catalyse transformational advances in the discovery, development and manufacture of future medicines.  For Imperial, it represents yet another opportunity to deliver the cutting-edge research of the institute to an ever-larger section of society.