t4 Site Manager

t4 Site Manager is Imperial’s content management system (CMS) and is used for creating websites using the College brand.

The College's online guide is designed to provide an easy reference guide to t4 Site Manager after training:

Site Manager CMS

All new users to t4 Site Manager must complete training before being given access to the system. If you are keen to create a website, or you need access to edit an existing site, please contact the team.

Policies and standards

Imperial websites should be developed to operate within College standards and infrastructure and using standard applications. There are sometimes situations where these standards may not be appropriate, for instance a collaborative initiative requiring non-Imperial branding and a non-Imperial URL, or a custom application key ot the research activities of a unit.

In these instances, server space can be requested via the web exception policy. Find out more about these policies and standards at the links below: