Who we are

Our Design team can help you redesign your formative and summative assessment. We work in collaboration with you to design effective questions and match your requirement to the best available College platform.

Digital platforms bring a variety of benefits for students and teaching staff:

  • Pedagogic: instant feedback, active learning, increased engagement, support for collaborative learning, increasing practice opportunities
  • Integrity: randomised questions to differentiate assessment, algorithmic options
  • New possibilities: Embed videos, complex animations, visualisations of complex ideas, visual learning
  • Reusability: Once built each resource can be reviewed and reused each year, randomised questions mean students can retake the same assessment as revision without seeing the same questions
  • Workload: Auto grading of a variety of question types (not just MCQ), VLE integration, learning analytics

What we provide

We can support you in transferring your paper-based question to work in online environments. We should not just be using digital platforms as a necessity in delivery. As part of a module or program level discussion we can offer:

  • Project management of the design and delivery of the assessment(s)
  • Help choosing the right online tool – we advise on the most suitable tools for your assessment. If required we support the linking together of different tools to create a rounded and interactive student experience.
  • Question design – we can support you in converting your question to work online. In our discussions with you we will share best practice advice from literature and college on designing your assessment.
  • Advice to improve student experience – we oversee the build and delivery of your assessment and deploy effective quality assurance and testing processes. We have seen that this approach leads to a more seamless experience in the assessment we have overseen so far.
  • Collaboration on question design to optimize for the given platform.
  • Best learning design approaches for integrating your online assessment into your course.
  • Support redesigning your assessments to constructively align with your learning outcomes.

What we have done so far

We have worked across Engineering departments with academics over the last 12 months who had paper-based tutorials but wished to take advantage of auto grading features, provide extra practise and those who have wanted to reuse their sheets by adding algorithmic variables. 

If you would like to speak to us about any of the above, please email us.