Who we are

Our Design team has learning design, learning technology and digital media expertise. The team now has eleven members and can offer a broad range of support.

We have expertise in both learning design and technical tools to enhance your module and teaching activities. We work in collaboration with you to review your instructional design and formative and summative assessment materials.

What we provide

Through working together, we aim to understand your course in full. Then we discuss ideas on how best you can redesign teaching activities within your course. We conduct this process using the ABC learning design principles and conversational framework from Prof Diana Laurillard’s hugely respected model of how students learn.

We provide a space to have discussion of your ideas and we can then provide you with support to create and embed your ideas into your course.

We have our own digital media team and as part of our discussion we can explore introduction of new media types. We can then provide you with support to:

  • Design your own activities
  • Take advantage of our digital media team
  • Agree evaluation and feedback approaches with our educationl analyst

What we've done so far

Over the last 18 months we have created 115 digital media assets and visualisations. This has resulted in 25 modules incorporating redesigned components and/or assessments.

For more information, please visit our digital media and digital assessment pages.

Learning design

A man and a woman sat behind a desk working together on a computer with two monitors

Module level design

We work alongside individual academics who may be starting a new course or are looking to review their previous delivery:

  • Linking learning design theory to create an effective online student experience
  • Mapping assessments and activities to learning outcomes and supporting the choice of correct Ed Tech tools
  • Discussing existing content and where digital media enhancement, content and activities (where applicable) meet the needs of your cohort
  • Ensuring that accessibility and inclusivity standards are maintained
  • Deploying high standards of quality assurance for all designs and assessments
  • Taking advantage of evaluation and feedback

Programme level design (in addition to module level design)

If you are a programme leader who is wishing to discuss ways in which the Ed Tech team can help, please see below the support we can offer in addition to module level design:

  • Establishing key digital learning requirements in new programmes
  • Linking together elements of a programme to provide students with effective learning pathways
  • Project managing timelines and academic teams across multiple modules to ensure timely delivery

If you would like to speak to us about any of the above, please email us.