Mentimeter Within the Faculty of Engineering we understand that many academics like to encourage interactivity within their lectures.

We suggest using Mentimeter. Mentimeter is an easy-to-use, online tool, enabling you to get your audience to easily share their opinions in a few seconds. No setup or apps are required, just a browser and an Internet connection.

Mentimeter offers several graphical representations of the input from your audience, which enables insights, discussion and the ability to do distinct analysis in real-time.

Mentimeter key features

  • Stable, secure and fast service (up to 30,000 votes per question)
  • Works well with large cohorts (handles up to 30 000 votes per minute)
  • Turn group knowledge into tangible data
  • Vote on several questions in a row
  • Mix different question types and methods to customize your questionnaire
  • Get your point across in different ways
  • Present everything in full screen mode
  • Segment your result live, in front of the audience
  • Continue the analysis after the presentation by exporting the results in Excel format
  • Auto generate QR code to vote on
  • Hide and show the result when needed
  • Open and Close voting when needed
  • Send out a short url voting link for quick voting
  • Choose to allow audience to vote on all questions or what they see you present
  • Device agnostic - no Hardware, app or installation required
  • Audience can use their own mobile phones