Möbius is designed especially for courses involving mathematics and it is available via Blackboard.

Natural math notation is used in both the question text and student response.

Easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions.

Free response questions are graded for mathematical equivalence. Where appropriate, responses do not need to be identical to the solution to be graded as correct; they just need to be equivalent. Alternatively, you can require responses to be in a particular form.

A wide variety of mathematical and scientific question types support free response questions, questions that require a numeric answer to fall within given margin of error, chemical formula questions, free body diagrams, graph sketching, questions that handle units, interactive Math Apps, multi-part questions, and more.

Open-ended questions can have infinitely many answers. With Maple T.A. you can ask questions for which you cannot know in advance how the student will respond, and Maple T.A. can still grade their responses automatically.  You can ask questions such as “Give an example of a function that has a maximum at x = 0,” “List two composite numbers that have no factors in common,” or “Give an example of an invertible matrix.”

Powerful algorithmically generated questions turn one question template into hundreds or thousands of similar questions, providing individual homework assignments and lots of practice questions for your students.

Adaptive questions provide students another chance when they give an incorrect response. Knowing the student is having trouble, the question can be adapted to walk the student through the problem one step at a time, allow students to try a simpler version of the same question before retrying the original, or whatever the instructor feels is appropriate. 

Sophisticated visualization tools let you easily include plots in your questions by taking advantage of the over one hundred 2-D and 3-D plot types and customization options available from Maple.  When appropriate, you can even allow students to see a plot of their response before they submit their work.

Flexible partial grading lets you give partial credit for mathematical responses that are not completely correct and you can control how generous or rigorous the grading will be.

Extensive mathematical knowledge coming from Maple means Maple T.A. can automatically grade questions from virtually any area of mathematics.